Hairston Wants To Visit OU

Teammate Joe Crawford joined the ranks of the committed on Monday. Sooner or later, it'll be Malik Hairston's turn to pick a college.

With Detroit Renaissance still undefeated, 6-6 senior Malik Hairston's primary focus remains on winning a state championship. Still, he knows that in the future he's got to reach a college decision.

"I don't think I'm very far," Hairston said. "I think I've let myself get a little sidetracked because of my intense focus to win the state championship. I also have to focus on the decision because I know it's important. I know I need to put a time frame on it."

Hairston can't put a time frame on his decision because he's not done taking official visits. He says he's considering Oklahoma, Kansas, UCLA and Ohio State right now. He's visited each of them except for OU and that's a trip Hairston says he's likely to make.

"There's nothing they can do [more]," Hairston said. "That's something I need to decide. If I'm really going to consider them I think I should give them a visit. I like the situation and I should give them a visit.

"We flirted with a couple dates. I don't want to miss any practices right now."

There are sure to be multiple factors that go into his decision but some are important than others. "I'll be away from my support system and the people that have taken care of me all my life. I want to know that the coach has my best interest. Small things like that.

"I want get in there and play. I don't like losing. I want to get in there and play a lot … significant minutes like 25-30."

Playing as a freshman shouldn't be a problem. He's good enough to command minutes.

Michigan shouldn't be counted out, but they aren't as much in the picture as the four other schools right now. "Michigan hasn't come out and there's been no real means of communication [lately]. I still like Michigan but it's not necessarily a must that they recruit me."

To summarize, Hairston would like to make a decision but he wants to visit OU first. However, it doesn't look like he'll visit there during the season because he doesn't want to miss practices or games. It looks like this one might take a while longer.

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