Hutt Will Sign in Spring

Brian Hutt, a 6-9 center from Colorado, has received interest from a few different schools across the country. But he told us recently that he'll probably wait until spring before choosing a school...

Brian Hutt, 6-9 C Wheat Ridge (Col.) High, told us recently that he's probably going to wait until spring before choosing a college.

Hutt, who has received interest from UC Santa Barbara, Rice and Yale, mentioned SMU as a school that he'd also be interested in hearing from.

A good student, Hutt scored a 23 on the ACT. "Yale told me that I needed a 25," Hutt said. "So I took it again and I'm shooting for the 25."

Hutt said that he's very interested in the Ivy League, but he's not ready to make a decision yet and he'll see how his senior season plays out before deciding.

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