"Rifleman" Will Wear Orange

John Winchester created a little stir last week when it appeared he backed off a commitment to Tennessee. However, "The Rifleman" did some thinking and he's decided Knoxville is indeed the place for him.

The Rifleman Will Wear Orange

In the last week, shooting guard John Winchester reconsidered a commitment and changed schools. Though his high school address now says Milford Academy instead of Bonner, his college destination did not change.

Winchester will be a Volunteer. "I was homesick. When you are having second thoughts you just want to pull back and think it over. I'm still with them."

Tuesday was the first time Winchester got to see his teammates at Milford. Both he and Eric Davis are now enrolled at the Connecticut-based prep school where "The Rifleman" needs only one class to qualify.

For UT's sake, the commitment remains intact and their five-man class is complete. "They called me and I've been talking to them and everything is still the same."

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