2005 Focus: Kendric Price

Kendric Price isn't like most of his peers on the basketball court. When he isn't hoisting up three-pointers, he's playing the piano and singing in the choir.

Kendric Price isn't like your normal star basketball player. He plays the piano, sings in the choir and attends one of the top academic schools in the Boston area.

The 6-8, 195-pound forward also isn't like your normal star player in the fact that he can really stroke it from long range.

Price, who attended Melrose High (Mass.) as a freshman before transferring to Buckingham Browne & Nichols, has the grades to match a strong perimeter game.

Price struggled from the field in a loss on Tuesday to St. Andrew's (R.I.), but he doesn't have the supporting cast and constantly gets double- and triple-teamed when he touches the ball.

Price finished with 22 points on 7-of-25 shooting. He also grabbed seven rebounds and blocked three shots.

However, Price will need to get tougher in order to earn a spot among the elite juniors in the country.

Price, who is averaging 19 points and 9.5 boards per game this season, will need to improve his ballhandling in order to play the three at the next level or work on his rebounding and inside game to play the four.

While the level of competition doesn't exactly push Price day after day, he did make the move from the Boston Saints to Mo Vasquez' Metro Boston program last season, which should help him see where he stacks up against some of the nation's top players.

``He's a smart kid who is great academically and is just starting to really learn the game," Vasquez said. "He's got great upside. He just needs to work on his ballhandling skills and personal strength. He's got to learn to play inside and out."

Price, who has said that his top five schools are Florida, Syracuse, Providence, Notre Dame and UConn. So far, Providence and URI are the schools to have put forth a scholarship offer.

``I'm supposed to go to Florida for a visit in April," Price said. "I really don't have a leader in those top five right now."

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