Thornton Battling Through Injury

It's been a tough year for Josh Thornton. The junior out of Caesar Rodney has battled injury since the start of year. Nevertheless, he's gutted it out and his recruitment continues to move along.

Last week, Caesar Rodney junior guard Josh Thornton was forced to take a pair of games off. He's playing hurt. His right knee is badly bruised and the injury is forcing him to overcompensate, which puts undue stress on the left knee.

It's been a rough season medically.

"Side to side, playing defense it's hard to make sudden movements," Thornton said. "I feel like I'm at 50-60%. My speed and quickness is totally different from what it was last year. When it comes to getting up and down the court and being in the right position is hard."

Thornton still leads the state of Delaware in shooting and making 3s, according to a high school site devoted to covering Delaware High School Sports.

From a recruiting perspective, Thornton has things moving along nicely. Last month, he took his first official visit when he made a journey to Knoxville to see Tennessee's campus.

"It went great. I really liked it. I felt a really good vibe from the coaches and staff there. I didn't get a chance to interact with the players a whole lot because they're pretty quiet. It was great.

"I'm not close to making a commitment at this point but they definitely went high up when it comes to making a decision."

The Vols have done an outstanding job of selling Thornton on what he means to their program. "Not only do they really want me, but they also really need me. I guess at this point I can't really say that about any other school except probably Arkansas." Thornton said Arkansas has offered.

Thornton is looking at Florida, Georgia Tech, Connecticut, Kansas and Miami, UCLA has called and he'd like to speak with North Carolina but he knows the Tar Heels are guard heavy. He's been to Kansas unofficially and would like to take an official visit to Miami. At this point, he's in a holding pattern to see which schools on this list step up and offer.

The strength of the junior's game is in his right arm. He's an extremely accurate 3-point shooter with range and confidence. Ideally, he's more point guard size than shooting guard and will likely play combo guard in college.

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