Memphis Trio Share Spotlight

You may not find a better frontline throughout the country than RouSean Cromwell, Reginald Owens and Anthony Mason Jr. - The trio of juniors has led Memphis Fairley to a 21-4 record this season and each is picking up high-major interest.

Six-foot-10. Six-foot six. Six-foot-six. It's not a college frontline or even an AAU one. It's one that Memphis Fairley High (Tenn.) coach Sylvester Ford pencils into his starting lineup nearly every game.

RouSean Cromwell is the prize of the trio. The athletic 6-10, 205-pound junior works hard on both ends and is a big-time shot-blocker on the defensive end. Cromwell is joined by a pair of juniors – 6-6, 235-pound Reginald Owens and 6-6, 190-pound Anthony Mason Jr.

Owens is a strong, physical widebody who plays in the paint and is already getting interest from the likes of Washington State, Tennessee, Memphis, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Pepperdine. He said the Sooners and Washington State are the early leaders.

Mason is the son of former NBA player Anthony Mason. The younger Mason isn't quite as big as his father, but has some of the same versatile skills. He's a good shooter from the perimeter and also passes well – like his dad.

``I shoot it pretty well, rebound and really like to please the crowd," Mason Jr. said. "I still need to work on shooting it better off the dribble."

Memphis, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Arkansas-Little Rock and Washington State have all expressed interest in Mason, who missed all of last season and the summer because of a broken left tibula.

``He's got great moves and jumps so well," Owens said of Mason Jr. "He also really motivates us in the locker room."

Not only are all three good players; they also do well in the classroom.

Cromwell is an exceptional student who has a 4.5 GPA and is getting looks from Ivy League schools. Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida State, Stanford, Oklahoma and Harvard are also in the mix. Mason Jr. has a 4.0 GPA and Owens boasts a 3.0 GPA.

``He's getting better and improving a lot," Ford said of Cromwell. "We're trying to teach him how to play inside and outside. He's got a nice mid-range shot and is a terrific shot-blocker. He's a real good defensive player."

Cromwell is averaging 12 points, 9.7 boards and 3 blocks per game this season, but that's not what he's proud of.

``I love to hustle and work hard," Cromwell said. "The only thing I worry about is getting the win. I lead the team in charges. It takes courage to get in front of a person and take a charge. It gets the team motivated and sometimes gets us rolling."

The trio will remain together and play this summer with the Memphis Bulldogs.

``We're going to be the big dogs this year," Owens said. "We don't get the respect in Memphis like YOMCA, but that'll change this year."

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