Mims Working On Academics

Brunswick (ME) High guard Ralph Mims is hearing from a number of schools. The unsigned senior guard has some academic issues to work out and should he get them squared away, there is high-major interest.

When you're averaging 28 points a game, life isn't too bad. For Brunswick (ME) High senior guard Ralph Mims, the basketball has been good.

"I'm doing better than I thought I would be with a young team," Mims said. "Carrying young boys is kind of difficult for a veteran when the young guys are tentative. I have no complaints though." Mims' team is 17-1.

"They're playing me all over. The majority is the 1-2-3 slash 4. It's a taste of everything."

Currently Mims is working on boosting his standardized test score. Prep school would be an option should he not qualify. However, if he does, there are some interested schools.

He's visited Florida State and South Carolina already. Last week, Oklahoma and Cincinnati called. Mims said that Providence has been on him hard as they've been since his freshman season.

"I don't regret not signing early. I think it's better for me so I can choose where I want to go."

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