Tabb Recovering Nicely From Injury

After missing a good part of the season, Ullin (IL) Century's Josh Tabb is making up for lost time. Here's a look at his early list.

Early in the season, junior guard Josh Tabb of Century High in Illinois suffered a hand injury that kept him out of action. Expected to be one of the top underclassmen in his state, he's back on track now and averaging 18 points a game.

"It's getting better and a lot stronger," Tabb said of the hand. "I have to be careful so I don't take a hard fall. It was a hairline fracture after I fell. I kept playing and playing and it finally broke."

Ironically, Tabb says his jump shot has improved despite the injury. It's tough to find a rational explanation for that one. "It just happened. I came out and started shooting and I felt like I've been shooting better than I was last year."

Still, Tabb is cut from the mold of scorer. He prefers slashing and taking the ball at the rim. The faster the tempo, the more fun he's apt to have. That's exactly the kind of style he'll look for in a college.

"I like playing up tempo games and running the court … that's what I'll look for right now. I'll watch schools on TV and see what style they're looking to run."

Tabb likes the style of Illinois, Kansas, UConn and Cincinnati. His list includes Illinois, Kansas, Michigan State and Connecticut though he's says there are quite a few more.

Marquette and St. Louis have been out to see him on occasion.

It should be a big spring and summer for him as he jockeys to move up the wish lists of various schools.

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