2005 Focus: Tyrell Biggs

Don Bosco Prep's Tyrell Biggs says he's doesn't really have a school list at this point. However, the junior does have a league title to his credit and isn't done yet.

Tyrell Biggs is an interesting prospect. He's 6-8 and 250 but he's not your traditional dump it down on the block, turn and score kind of post guy.

"I like to face the basket but I also have a lot of post moves because I started out as a post player," Biggs said. "Now I've extended my range and I can face the basket. Sometimes, I compare myself to Antoine Walker."

Schools looking to keep him stapled to the post need not apply. He's interested in someone that will let him use his talents. He says most schools understand. "[Colleges] tell me that they need a power forward like me because I can post and then come out and take them off the dribble."

This season, Biggs says he's averaging 20 points and 11 rebounds. His play has caught the attention of numerous teams. This week, St. Joseph's head coach Phil Martelli caught a game. Last week Rutgers coach Gary Waters saw him.

Assistants from Maryland, Connecticut and Villanova come to mind when asked who else has seen him.

Though Biggs says he doesn't have a school list he does have some preferences. For instance, he's all about staying within striking distance of home. "I want to stay on the east coast and not too far down south."

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