Power-ful Shooter Still Available

Las Vegas (NV) Durango shooter Houston Power is still out there. The 6-1 youngster was his conference player of the year and with his academic record and long range touch, he should be an attractive spring prospect.

Conference player of the year. 4th in the area in scoring at 17 points a game. An SAT score close to 1,100. A 3.3 GPA and currently has straight A's. Won't be 18 until August and he's left handed. Any questions?

Given his credentials and academic standing, one wonders why Las Vegas (NV) Durango shooting guard Houston Power is still available.

"I'm a lefty shooter," Power said. "If you play me tight I'll take you to the rack. If you play off me, and I don't want to brag on myself, but I've got good vision. My handle isn't dynamic but I change directions well. I'm a team player.

Some think Power is a year away from really taking his game to another level. Remember, he's extremely young for being a senior.

"He's mid-major definitely right now," Mitch Mitchell, a workout professional, told TheInsiders.com. "From the last 12 games he played he probably averaged more than 23 a game. The kid is a nice player.

"He just needs one more year. He's got some bad habits that wouldn't make him a high-major right now. I think he needs one more year. He just turned 17. He's young. He even thinks young."

Schools like Long Beach State and UC-Riverside are making contact. "I would go to Wyoming or maybe even San Diego [if they offered] instead of going to prep school."

Power has no problems with distance. He just wants the right place. "I would go to Europe. That doesn't matter. School is school. If you're 2,000 miles away you're the same as being 200 miles away. It's just that the west coast schools know about me."

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