Who Needs Signing Day?

Wow, have you taken a look at our Top 100 list lately? Nevermind, there's really little need to check it out. Why? Because there aren't many prospects remaining on the list at this point. Signing Day should be rather boring.

83% Committed

It's a good thing the high school basketball season is upon us because in the last week, college basketball recruiting has come to a screeching halt.

In reviewing our post-summer Top 100 list, one thing is apparent: almost all of the prospects are gone. 83 of the nation's Top 100 seniors have made college decisions. In the past, signing day used to be kind of a big deal. Not anymore.

Of the remaining players, and obviously there aren't many, we can expect decisions this fall from at least five of the 17 still on the board.

The following are players expected to reach decisions by the start of the Nov. 14 fall signing period.

  • Jason Fraser, C: Villanova, St. John's, Louisville and North Carolina are gunning for him.
  • Kennedy Winston, SF: California and Alabama are tangling on this one.
  • Brandon Roy, SG: He said last week that Washington was the leader.
  • Keith Butler, C: We can probably expect a decision by the end of the week.
  • Ike Diogu, PF/C: As of Wednesday morning, no decision had been reached.

The next 12 players could be spring candidates and in many cases, academics are playing a part in the holdup.

  • Amare Stoudemire, C:  Last year's Valentine's Day commit to Memphis appears to be in jeopardy and the NBA looms as an option.
  • Lenny Cooke, SF: He needs to get a score on the test before moving forward with his recruitment. Again, the NBA could be the choice.
  • Sani Ibrahim, PF: He hasn't visited anywhere because he's yet to take the test. We hear Cincy, Illinois and Indiana could be among the spring suitors if he can make it. If not, the NBA is the alternative scenario though he'll need a big season at Oak Hill.
  • DeAngelo Collins, PF: Hasn't been taken seriously by the college recruiters to date. Academics and the NBA are factors.
  • Antonio Lawrence, SG: Another guy who really hasn't gotten the attention of the college recruiters to this point.
  • Kevin Bookout, PF: His track career is important and he's weighing all the factors. Might go early but could sign late.
  • Julius Lamptey, C: He said he wants to sign late and he could the top recruitable big man in the spring.
  • Cortez Davis, SF: Academics are a factor for the one-time Maryland commitment. Miami-FL is on him.
  • Greg Brown, G: Haven't heard much from his in regards to recruiting all year long and academics might be a factor.
  • Tedric Hill, C: We still can't find where he is. Colleges are ready to take a look, but they don't know where to go.
  • Marquis Kately, SF: Again, academics are a factor but he says California leads.
  • Bobby Jones, SF: A spring decision could lead to an increase in schools interested in his services and he should be a popular post-January guy.

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