Nwankwo Wants To Decide This Month

Davis Nwankwo's recruitment has been anything but textbook. The Georgetown Prep center says it's almost time to make a decision and one school is no longer in the mix.

In talking with senior center Davis Nwankwo of Georgetown Prep, you can almost hear the relief in his voice that his recruiting process is almost over.

"I think the right time has to be March, like late March," Nwankwo said when queried about the right time for a decision. "My parents, they're the ones that think that's the right time. They think that'll be the perfect time everyone is on the same page."

Getting everyone on the same page in the Nwankwo recruitment has been tough. Throughout much of the fall, Davis wanted to offer a verbal to Arizona while his parents favored Stanford. Now, the Cardinal is no longer an option.

"I did not get accepted to Stanford, sadly. I was disappointed but I've got to still live life."

Nwankwo has already taken his five allotted visits but maintains that if he's got to take another trip he'd be willing to do it on his own dime. "Yeah, I think this time has given me and my family time to think it out and get on the same page. Now, my list is Arizona, Gonzaga, Georgia Tech, Miami and then schools like Princeton, Northwestern and Clemson have jumped into the picture."

Though he wants to decide later this month, Nwankwo says he's not married to any school though speculation remains that behind the scenes he favors Arizona. It remains to be seen just how Arizona feels about him as a spring signee.

"I could wind up anywhere right now."

Nwankwo said the recruiting process was just mildly distracting throughout the year. "Yes and no. I didn't really pay attention to it. It would have been good to get it out of the way before season started but unfortunately that didn't happen."

While Nwankwo would like to end the process this month and Gonzaga is pushing him to take an unofficial visit this month. However, with the Zags plans to go deep into the tournament one wonders if that can happen.

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