2005 Focus: Dior Lowhorn

We spoke with Dior Lowhorn, a 6-5 junior forward from Berkeley, CA, yesterday at the Rockfish Spring League...

Dior Lowhorn, 6-5 JR PF Berkeley (Calif.) High, was at Hollywood High yesterday to play in the Rockfish Spring League.

We spoke with Lowhorn after the game and asked if he had a list of schools that he favors at the moment.

"I'll give them to you in the order I prefer," said Lowhorn. "Stanford, Louisville, Washington, Florida, Indiana and Gonzaga."

Lowhorn went on to discuss some of the issues he'll consider when he makes his choice.

"The location -- I prefer the west," said Lowhorn. "A school that's strong in science, in a place with good weather. Someplace that I can fit in, where I like their system and style."

Lowhorn said he doesn't foresee a quick decision. "I want to take my time, get my core GPA up -- not until after the summer," said Lowhorn. "I may take some visits in the spring or summer."

Lowhorn said he has been to the Stanford, Cal and Pepperdine campuses. "Cal is two blocks away from my school," said Lowhorn.

While he plans on taking the SAT again, Lowhorn told us that he scored 980 on his first attempt.

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