Film Session: Gordon & Ruoff

Jamont Gordon and Alex Ruoff are a pair of junior wings that we'll be eager to see in April. Without the benefit of a live evaluation, we went to the tape for a little preview of their games. Here's what we learned.

There's nothing like a live evaluation of a prospect. You simply can't substitute a taped game for a live scout. However, since we won't be able to see Brookville (FL) Central star Alex Ruoff or Nashville (TN) Glencliff junior standout Jamont Gordon until April, we went to the tape. Gordon has been rumored to be thinking of leaving Glencliff in favor of Oak Hill Academy and you can certainly see him fitting in well at Oak Hill, he's got that kind of talent. Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Louisville, Memphis and Oklahoma are showing interest. The tape under scrutiny was an early season game in which Gordon scored 42 points.

This young man has an extremely strong body. He's probably 6-4 and goes around 210. Think Keith Langford of Kansas. He's got that kind of scoring package and athleticism packed into a lefty's body. He's strong off the drive and fast with the basketball. Sometimes he gets a little flashy and his shot selection could stand improvement but the bottom line is he's very talented on offense.

Gordon will go to the post and work. With the ball, he likes to lull you to sleep and throw a quick burst out at the defender and see if he can get by. In the paint he seems to accept contact well and gets to the line. He rebound well from his position. Defensively he had spells where he looked less than interested.

In summation, this appears to be a bonafide high-major shooting guard prospect and a very gifted offensive player. He'll run with the Tennessee Travelers and you can be sure we'll see plenty of him in the coming months.

Ruoff appears to be a solid 6-6 (maybe 6-7) wing player. In the game in question, he had over 40 points and really looked more like a shooting guard than small forward. He's very aggressive on offense and seems to hunt the 3-pointer. On film, he created a few shots with either hand which was impressive.

The hardest thing to decipher on tape is overall athleticism. Defensively is where he's got to really put the time in to get better and that starts with footwork. Defense can be as much about intensity and effort as it is ability.

Offensively, one of his top assets is his vision. He really does a nice job of seeing the floor and passing the basketball. He looks to have a nice basketball IQ and that's important. Virginia Tech, South Alabama, South Florida, Florida State and Florida have shown varying degrees of interest.

In closing, Gordon and Ruoff are two guys we'll see a lot of in the coming months. Both are talented and will draw the eye of college coaches from now through July on the traveling team circuit.

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