Hairston Seeks Title, Decision

Detroit Renaissance, ranked No. 3 in America, and star forward Malik Hairston are in the throws of a championship run. Shortly after the season it'll be time to unveil his college selection.

Ask Malik Hairston what this week is about and he'll probably tell you it's the biggest week in his basketball life. Renaissance, the top ranked team in Michigan, is three wins away from a state title.

"I guess I might be a little over excited," Hairston said. "I've been waiting for this for four years. I'm just ready for it. I'm ready to take it all."

The 6-6 unsigned senior is the top available player in America. He's ever so close to a state title and inching closer to a college decision by the day. At this point, he's starting to put order to some schools on his list.

"I actually partially have eliminated a couple of schools but I've done it in my head as of recently. I haven't actually called them yet. I'd say I'm down to roughly three schools."

Hairston said that Arizona, North Carolina and Oregon were still trying with him but "were on the outside."

The main five schools right in the thick of this race are (in alphabetical order) Kansas, Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma and UCLA. Hairston said he could call a school or two that he's eliminated this week but with the state championship looming, don't expect it.

Of the five schools we think are right there, he's visited all but Michigan and Oklahoma officially.

When asked what was the single most important part of his decision, his answer was simple:

"I want to be able to cut those nets down Monday night my freshman year. I want to go to a good team, I do. But I also want to be a big part of what they're doing and be able to contribute. Basically I want to get significant minutes and I want to be in a winning program."

Hairston said after his season concludes he'll make his college decision within one or two weeks.

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