The Calvin Brock Story

Someway, somehow it happens every year. A guy flies under the radar, has a big senior season and explodes. The name Preston Shumpert comes to mind. This year's candidate is Calvin Brock out of Chicago Simeon.

He was the most unlikely player to be there. The EA Sports Roundball Classic game is reserved for the best of the best. Spots go to elite players who not only distinguished themselves with their high school teams but did it on the summer circuit as well. For the most part, of the 22 guys in the game, 21 of them had credentials that were cultivated over time and during the summer.

Calvin Brock was the one guy without the huge rep nationally. The wildcard if you will. Well, the wildcard held his own scoring 7 points and grabbing 5 boards. And, the funny thing is Brock is no longer the wildcard. He's the Chicago Public School League player of the year. It shouldn't be held against him that he's a late bloomer.

As a junior, 6-6 small forward Calvin Brock averaged 10 points a game. This season, make that 22.

"I just got more tough and aggressive out there on the court," Brock said of the difference from one season to the next.

Last year, he ran in the summer with Old Gold. He was a nice player. Western Illinois, Illinois State and North Illinois offered going into his senior year. Apparently, those schools knew exactly what they were seeing in Brock.

Now, Illinois and DePaul have offered, Oklahoma is very interested and Ball State and Indiana State have jumped on the bandwagon. Though he's not prepared to say it just yet, this is going to come down to DePaul and Illinois, but Brock needs to take some visits first and he'll visit both of those spots.

Brock said he doesn't need to stay in-state, but he's not straying far from the nest. "I'll go out of state but not real far."

Family is important to the young man. He'll make the college decision but will lean on his family for guidance. "I'm going to make my decision but if they don't think that's best for me then I'll go where they think is best."

Brock will be able to pick from DePaul and Illinois if he so chooses. His game has progressed to where he's a high-major prospect, knocking on the door of a spot in the Top 100.

"He has a knack for getting to the basket and finishing," one college level observer said. "He's just a super knack for that. It's just a matter of him getting stronger and getting more confident and understanding that he is a top player."

And that's why Illinois and DePaul have offered. Right now he's more familiar with DePaul but that's because he hasn't been to Champaign to visit with the staff.

"Illinois, I just like the atmosphere and the fans," Brock said. "They want me and they're showing me love. They want me real bad. I didn't go on a visit I just went on my own. I don't think [the staff] knew I was there. I didn't go to the [game] at their school I went to the one at Northwestern. I watch the majority of their games on TV."

Hometown DePaul has already begun building a relationship. "I like their style of play. When I talk to their coach he seems cool and laid back and he can relate to me on certain situations. I also like that they'll be playing in the Big East my sophomore year. It'd be nice to play in Madison Square Garden."

Regardless of where he plays next year, Calvin Brock is one of the better stories to emerge from the high school season.

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