Costner Considering Visits

He's been concentrating on his high school season, and studying for the SAT, but consensus top 30 national junior forward <b>Brandon Costner</b> is now starting to think about recruiting, including some possible official visits this spring...

Brandon Costner, 6-8, 225, West Orange (New Jersey) Seton Hall Prep, is a consensus top 30 national player in the 2005 class heading into the spring and summer.

Costner, who says he's put on 10-20 pounds since last fall, averaged 18 points and nine rebounds a game this season as a junior. He's a very skilled front court player, with the ability to shoot out to the three-point line and good post moves around the basket. His high school team lost in the state finals in overtime, after winning the county championship.

Costner said he has a long list of big-named schools that have offered him a scholarship. "Indiana, Kansas, DePaul, UCLA, Seton Hall, North Carolina State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and others I can't even remember right now," Costner said.

He said he doesn't have a favorite yet, or even a list of favorites. "I've been concentrating basically on the season and school work. I really haven't had too much time to think about it."

When asked what schools he might want to visit officially, Costner said, "Kansas, UCLA, North Carolina State...Indiana maybe. And maybe Connecticut. But that all could change."

He plans on taking at least one official visit and possibly two, depending on his time restraints, in May or June. He said he doesn't have any dates set yet but has been talking with some schools on arranging the visits, such as UCLA and Kansas. "I'll probably visit UCLA around that time," he said.

Some college coaching staffs have also told Costner they'll be coming out to see him on a visit in April. "Yeah, UCLA said they're coming out. So did Michigan and NC State, and others."

Costner said that the factors in his decision will be the school's surroundings, the coaching staff and the academics.

He currently maintains a 3.2 GPA and has been studying for the SAT, which he'll take for the first time this Saturday.

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