Border Wars Evaluations

The spring evaluation period won't start for a couple weeks, but an event in San Diego this past weekend gave us a chance to get a look at some West Coast talent...

We spent last weekend at the Border Wars tournament in San Diego. Here's a look at some of the notable names and/or players who caught our attention.

D'Andre Bell, 6-5 JR SF Los Angeles (Calif.) Palisades. The most impressive performer at the tournament, Bell really elevated his stock in our eyes. Great body – strong – good athlete. Jump shot is much improved – drained threes all weekend. Handle is better as well. Competed very well all weekend. Shot selection needs work, but a high major prospect.

Anthony Goods, 6-2 JR PG/SG Corona (Calif.) Centennial. Goods was the "new guy" on the Compton Magic team and consequently wasn't involved in much of the action. Played off the ball mostly – freshman Jesse Woodard is the primary PG for the Magic – and was limited to a few threes from the wing. We've seen him take a much more forceful/aggressive role with his high school team – he'd probably benefit by playing more with the ball in his hands (especially if he's going to have a shot at playing the one in college). That being said, he's got a great frame, very good athlete, excellent shot – a high major prospect.

Brian McTear, 5-11 JR PG Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw. Among the purer point guards in the west, McTear is only a consistent three-point shot away from really moving up in our rankings. He's got a nice mid-range game and a great feel for the position. Consistently found teammates for open looks. Good quickness, but a somewhat slight frame – needs to get stronger. Possible high major prospect.

Jonathan Gibson, 5-11 JR PG West Covina (Calif.) High. For a smallish guard, Gibson has a good frame – fairly long arms – and strength. Quickness and outside shot are best assets. Will need considerable improvement in decision-making, feel for the game, if he's to play the one at a high level. He looks shot first and isn't adept at breaking down defenses to create for teammates. Did show a willingness, and ability, to defend. Very quick laterally. Possible high major prospect if he can learn how to play the one.

Kashif Watson, 6-2 JR SG Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman. We've had Watson as a potential point guard for the last couple years, but he now looks headed for the two-guard spot. Doesn't really have the ball skills/feel to play the one. A terrific athlete, with a great, long frame, Watson is most effective slashing to the hole and playing in an up-tempo game. Has the tools to be a great defender, but gambles too much and doesn't consistently focus on defense. Skills, particularly his shot, will need considerable refinement if he's to play higher than the mid major level. A big upside, though, if he figures it out.

Tyree Thompson, 6-1 SO SG Compton (Calif.) Centennial. Very good shooter and a pretty good athlete. Great range on his shot – improved ability to shoot off the dribble. Body isn't real long, but fairly strong. May not grow much more, and likely a shooting guard, so needs to improve ball skills and ability to get separation. Possible high major prospect.

Nate Schulte, 6-4 SO SF Las Vegas (Nev.) Palo Verde. An intriguing prospect with the ability to play inside and out, Schulte is very aggressive and physical. Nice three-point stroke, as well as solid low-post game. Question will be what happens to him physically. If he grows any more, he'll likely play at the high major level.

Marcus Lawrence, 5-10 SO PG Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman. A pure point, with good handle/vision/passing ability. Fairly good outside shot. Very good understanding for the position. Only question is size. Possible high major, even at 5-10, but definitely if he gets any bigger.

Ryan Vermeulen, 6-8 SO C Modesto (Calif.) High. Big, strong banger with decent skills. Fair shot to 12-15 feet. True post who is willing to get physical. Possible mid to high major prospect.

Lawrence Westbrook, 5-11 SO SG Chandler (Ariz.) High. Westbrook is very strong and physically overpowers some players at this level. He's also a great competitor who attacks the basket and gets to the free throw line with regularity. Question will be how much his guard skills develop, as he doesn't appear likely to grow much more (physically mature). Handle and outside shot are both fair – will need considerable improvement to play at a high level in college. But you have to love the way he competes and it wouldn't be surprising if he's a lot better a year from now.

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