Hoop Summit: Hairston To Decide

<b>SAN ANTONIO –</b> Aside from those few on the USA Team that are considering a jump to the pros, Malik Hairston was the only player on the squad yet to make a college decision.

Malik Hairston, the 6-6 winger out of Detroit, scored 7 points to help Team USA defeat a group of players from around the world in the Hoop Summit at the Final Four. In the last week, Hairston won a state title, played in the McDonald's game and now helped the United States to a 5-2 series advantage against the World Select Team.

As if he wasn't busy enough, now it's time to make a college decision. "I'm still not positive [of a school]," Hairston said after the game. "It's one school one day and a different the next."

Though he wouldn't name the schools, Hairston did say he's considering three. Kansas, Michigan, Ohio State and UCLA are the four named the most in the process.

Hairston knows it's time to decide and end the drama. "Sometime in the next week I'll talk with Coach White, Coach Walker, my mom and my dad. It's time now, there's no hesitation."

When asked what he would do if forced to decide on the spot right now, the charismatic Hairston was brief. He said he'd probably run.

He can run all he wants but there's no hiding from this decision.

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