Traveling Team: N.Y. Ravens

New York is all about the guards. The New York Ravens boast alums like Andre Barrett and Julius Hodge so you know the Ravens place a premium on those guys. This year's bunch should be able to get up and down the floor.

The New York Ravens have always been about guard play. Usually, Artie Green's bunch feature one big timer and a number of kids who can run, press and are tough. This season, they'll still run and be long in the toughness department, it'll be the marquee superstar that they'll have do without.

"This team is going to need a team effort," Green said. "They'll be no one guy that stands out. However, I think we have one of the best backcourts in AAU ball in Ricky Torres, Elvis Lora and Greg Johnson."

The Ravens always seem to feature one ultra-competitive personality, ala Julius Hodge. This spring, another St. Ray's swingman will have to fulfill that role. "I think Ricky is competitive. He's one of the best shooters in the Catholic League. He's going to come to play and get better as he understands he's going to be the go to guy."

Torres will have help. Greg Johnson, the guy NYC'ers call "Playstation" will team with him under Green. "To me," says Green, "he's the best point guard in the city. He can flat out play. Once you guys start to see him play and really see what he can do, I guarantee you he'll be in somebody's Top 10. He's that good."

They won't be big, unless you count prep school-bound John Oates, but usually this scrappy bunch makes up for its lack of size with all out effort.

"This team will be the same. We'll have the 3-guard offense. We'll always go with that. It's going to be pressure on defense the whole game. I think this team will be fun because they all get along and understand their role. I'm really happy with this team. I think this team counts on each other."

New York Ravens (Bronx, N.Y.)

Affiliation : adidas

Head Coach Artie Green

Assistant Coach Tom Mullin

Top Prospect Ricky Torres

Projected Starters SG Ricky Torres (6-5/195, JR), PG Greg Johnson (5-11/170, JR), PF Chris Bethel (6-5/205, JR), SG Elvis Lora (6-0/170, Prep), C John Oates (6-9/230, Prep)

Others PG Rich Jackson (6-0/180, JR), SG Charles Vassar (6-2/185, JR), SF Shawn Hillard (6-5/180, JR), two spots open for traveling squad.

Famous Alum Julius Hodge

Next Tournament Charlie Weber Invitational (April 9-11)

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