Anderson Signs With UConn

Rashad Anderson is going to make his announcement today. There is a press conference set up for mid-morning at Kathleen High.

11 a.m. Press Conference

Lakeland (FL) Kathleen shooting guard Rashad Anderson left for school Wednesday morning having made a college decision but unwilling to share it.

"He didn't even tell us," Anderson's mother said. Our sources confirmed UConn will be the pick.

Mrs. Anderson did confirm that there is an 11 a.m. press conference set up at Kathleen in which Anderson, a candidate for the McDonald's All-American Game, announced for UConn over Florida.

The Huskies had the edge for a long time but Florida was able to close the gap during a visit last month. However, we'll take the Huskies in this one. We'll have the decision later in the day.

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