Georgia Lands Johnson

Like the Presidential Election, the Alexander Johnson decision might have been called a little early. On Tuesday, "A.J." said Cincinnati led but that's not what we are hearing today as he prepares to sign his letter.

Georgia Will Get Signature At Presser

On Tuesday, Albany (GA) Dougherty power forward Alexander Johnson told that Cincinnati was leading for his services. However, our sources don't believe he's going to sign with the Bearcats today.

"The tide has turned again and Georgia looks like the pick," one source told A school administrator at Dougherty said that Johnson would sign at a 10 a.m. press conference and Georgia was the pick.

Johnson originally committed to the Bulldogs months ago. However, just last week he expressed interest in Cincinnati, Alabama and Louisville. As late as Tuesday afternoon, he said that the Bearcats led for him.

Recruiting isn't over until the final bell sounds and today that final bell will toll for the Bulldogs as they seem to have survived some hard charges from a number of schools.

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