Boo Williams: Day Two Checklist

<b>HAMPTON, Va. –</b> Guys like Chris Douglas-Roberts and Louis Williams had big efforts on Saturday at the Boo Williams. After a round of playoff games, four teams remain in hunt for the title.

Day Two, Boo Williams Invitational

Sunday's Semifinals – Georgia Stars vs. Boo Williams; Illinois Warriors vs. Pulley Panthers

2005 Checklist

Chris Douglas-Roberts, PG, The Family: Against the Georgia Stars, a strong argument could be made that he was the best guard on the floor. He went for 30 and 10 rebounds in a losing effort. He can be a playmaker yet he can be an acrobatic finisher. He's not strong but he gets places and loves to rebound. Big timer in the making.

Louis Williams, SG, Georgia Stars: The guy can flat out go on offense. Against The Family he put up a big number and reportedly went 16-for-18 from the line. He's smooth and effortless in getting his shot, finishes and has a diverse bag of tricks in his arsenal. Be it pull-ups, 3's or finger rolls, the kid has game and he's both fearless and confident.

Mike Mercer, PG, Georgia Stars: At 6-4, he's a big point. His game is balanced and he's taken a major step forward as a prospect this season because he's starting to bang his jumpshot. We saw it during the high school season and now he's more confident with his deep stroke on the circuit.

Andrew Bynum, C, N.J. All-Stars: The Boo was Andray Blatche's breakout event in our mind last year. The same could be happening to Bynum this season. Noted for his shyness, the 6-11 pure center is starting to understand just how good he can be. He's got great size, takes the shortest path to the rim and patiently waits for offensive players to come at him before swatting away shots. Watch him grow throughout the spring and summer.

Taylor Griffen, F, Athletes First: The guy is kind of in position limbo but plays both forward slots. He's not the biggest or the most fleet afoot but he's highly effective, plays both intelligently and hard and sure does get a lot done.

Richard Hendrix, PF, Alabama Select: Though we've yet to see him in action here, the reports have been glowing. Apparently he's much improved and we look forward to seeing him on Sunday. There's as much buzz about this big man here as anybody and his triple-double (24, 14, 11) had folks talking.

Tyler Hansbrough, PF, St. Louis Eagles: Like Hendrix, we've yet to see him in a full game's worth of action. However, the word was that he was outstanding on Friday and average by his standards on Saturday. One quick box score check had him with 21 points before fouling out against BABC.

2006 Checklist

Keith Clark, SF-PF, Athletes First: This guy can pretty much do it all from the forward slot. He's got size (6-7+), range and when he squares up, he's accurate to 3-point land. He's a true outside-inside threat and one of the better forward prospects in the sophomore group.

Josue Soto, PG, Miami Tropics: In the game we watched on Saturday he was raining 3s. The little guy has a big heart, plays with passion and can be intense. He's a pure shooter and though high-majors typically like points to be a little taller, this kid can play. He's got a little hesitation dribble, a floater and a big time deep stroke. May have injured his shoulder Saturday afternoon.

Scott Reynolds, SG-PG, BWSL: He's got point guard size but shooting guard game. Friday night he went a perfect 5-for-5 from downtown. Saturday morning he went 3-for-7 behind the arc. The sophomore has a terrific stroke.

Teams Watched Boo Williams, Athletes First, Miami Tropics, Georgia Stars, The Family, New Jersey All-Stars, N.C. Gaters, Arkansas Wings

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