Report: Morris Will Go To College

Randolph Morris has a decision to make. There's a lot of anticipation about what he might do. Despite widespread speculation about playing for pay, a family member says that won't happen.

Randolph Morris, according to his father, will play college basketball. Despite widespread speculation about heading to the NBA out of college, his father says that won't happen.

The decision is not a two-part decision according to his father. College is the only option.

"It's a one part decision," Ralph Morris said. "We're talking about college. He's not going to the NBA."

After eliminating the NBA option, Morris' father confirmed that the decision is between Georgia Tech and Kentucky. "He's going to make a decision in the first week of May."

There is increasing speculation that the Yellow Jackets run to the NCAA Championship game will be enough to push them over the top. "To be honest with you, I really don't know if it had or if it's going to have any effect on his decision," Ralph Morris said.

Apparently, the decision about college or the pros was an easy one for Morris. The feedback the family received was that Randolph would not go in the lottery.

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