The first update of Top 25 Traveling Team Poll is upon us - and there are wholesale changes. We've got a new No. 1 team and plenty of other additions and subtractions.

However, with arguably the premier tournament this weekend – the Kingwood Classic in Houston – there's certain to be plenty more movement. If we forgot anyone, please feel free to e-mail Jeff Goodman at The rankings will be updated every other week.


1. Georgia Stars (Atlanta, Ga.) – (6-0) *4

Top Prospect: G Louis Williams (6-2, 170, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Mike Mercer (6-3, 185, JR); WF Rasheem Barrett (6-4 1/2, 210, JR); C Alade Aminu (6-10, JR); WF Octavius Spann (6-7, 215, JR)

Others: G Tay Barber (6-1, 160, JR); BF Daniel Emerson (6-8, JR); PG Paul Williams (5-10, JR); F Jared Cook (6-5, JR); F Jay Brown (6-7, JR); WF Paul Johnson (6-6, JR); WG Billy Humphrey (6-3, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Texas) – April 23-25

Notes: Louis Williams scored 19 in the gold division title game at Boo Williams, a 67-64 win over the Illinois Warriors, and Billy Humphrey added 15. Williams led the tournament in scoring at 28.6 points per game. The Stars also knocked off Alabama Lasers, The Family, Charlotte Royals, Friends of Hoop (Wash.) and Boo Williams.

2. Spiece Indy Heat (Indianapolis, Ind.) – (0-0) *1

Top Prospect: Greg Oden (6-10, 230, SOPH)

Projected Starters: PG Mike Conley (6-1, 155, SOPH); PF Josh McRoberts (6-10, 210, JR); SF Daequan Cook (6-5, 190, SOPH); SG Eric Gordon (6-2, 185, FR)

Others: PF Aaron Pogue (6-8 1/2, 235, FR); SG Curtis White (6-3, 170, SOPH); PF/SF Donald Cloutier (6-7, 190, JR); PG/SG Devin Williams (6-2, 165, SOPH); SG Jordan Cheatham (5-10, 160, SOPH); WG Mark Titus (6-4, JR)

Opening Tourney: Kingwood Classic (Texas) – April 23-25

3. New Orleans Jazz (New Orleans, La.) – (7-0) *2

Top Prospect: PF-SF Tasmin Mitchell (6-7/220, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Darryl Augustine (6-1/165, SOPH); SF Terry Martin (6-6/190, JR); SG Drew Meyerchik (6-1/175, JR); C Kenneth Cooper (6-10/230, JR)

Others: SG/SF Dwight Lewis (6-6/185, JR); SF Brandon Dyson (6-5/175, SOPH); SG James Parlow (6-4/180, PREP)

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Notes: Tasmin Mitchell earned tournament MVP honors in leading the Jazz to the title at the adidas Texas Classic. James Parlow, Kenneth Cooper and sophomore floor leader D.J. Augustine also made the all-tournament team. The Jazz knocked off Houston Select in the title game and Sports Academy in the semis.

4. Illinois Warriors (Oak Forest, Ill.) – (4-2) *3

Top Prospect: SF Julian Wright (6-8, 190, JR)

Projected Starters: SG Jon Scheyer (6-5, 180, SOPH); C Jimmy Covington (6-8, 235, JR); SG Josh Tabb (6-4, 180, JR); PG Angel Santiago (5-10, 160, JR)

Others: SG Jamar Smith (6-4, 180, JR), SG Jarrett Starwood (6-2, 180, PREP), SF Billy Parrish (6-4, 185, JR), PG Ray Nelson (6-2, 170, JR), SG Phillip Perry (6-2, 175, JR), SF/PF Kenyale Evans (6-7, 185, JR), PF Dermarr McKnight (6-8, 190, JR), C Marquis Young (6-9, 240, JR), SG Russell Mackins (6-5, 180, SOPH)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Texas) – April 23-25

Notes: The Warriors advanced to the title game of the gold division at Boo Williams before losing to the Georgia Stars, 67-64, in the championship. Angel Santiago had 17 in the title game and sophomore Jonathan Scheyer earned all-tournament honors. Larry Butler's squad also knocked off the Gauchos and Howard Pulley to reach the title hame.

5. Houston Hoops (Houston, Texas) – (11-1) *5

Top Prospect: BF Fendi Onobun (6-6 1/2, 220, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Nic Wise (5-10, 175, SOPH); PG David Devezin (6-0, 170, JR); BF Marcellus Bennett (6-8, 240, JR); C Jeremy Barr (6-9, 260, JR)

Others: WF Ashton Hall (6-6, 205, JR); WF Jermichael Finley (6-5, 210, JR); PG Wendell Preadom (6-3, JR); G Cameron James (6-0, 180, JR); F Tyler Rodriguez (6-7, 200, JR); C Chris Rocquemore (6-9 1/2, 220, SOPH)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Texas) – April 23-25

Notes: After a sub-par showing in the Las Vegas Easter Classic in which the Hoops were knocked off by the Arizona Cagers in the quarters, they responded with a title at the Las Vegas Spring Showcase. Fendi Onobun, who recently committed to Arizona, led the Hoops with 19 and Martellus Bennett added 17 points and 12 boards in an 87-83 win over Team Texas in the championship game. David Devezin finished with 23 in a semifinal win over the Southern Cal All-Stars.

6. Atlanta Celtics Black (Atlanta, Ga.) – (0-0) *6

Top Prospect: SF Brandon Rush (6-7, JR)

Projected Starters: SG Javaris Crittendon (6-5, SOPH); PF Uriah Hethington (6-9, JR); PF Joey Cameron (6-9, JR); PG Sharaud Curry (5-11, JR)

Others: PF Tracy Smith (6-7, JR), SG Shamaine Dukes (6-2, JR), SF Lance Cannon (6-4, JR), F Billy Smith (6-6, JR), SF Thomas Wright (6-5, JR), SG Mamadou Marega (6-4, JR)

Opening Tourney: Kingwood Classic (Houston) - April 23-25

7. SRAP (Syracuse, N.Y.) – (6-0) *14

Top Prospects: C Andray Blatche (6-11, 220, SR*); PG Greg Paulus (6-2, 175, JR)

Projected Starters: BF James Tchana (6-7 1/2, 270, JR); WG Jim O'Sullivan (6-0, SR*); WF Benoit Bekono (6-6, JR)

Others: WF Bougari Konate (6-6, JR); WF Calvin Betts (6-3, SOPH); WF Will Harris (6-6, 200, JR); G Mike Paulus (6-4, FR); G Tim Jackson (5-11, JR); WF Corey McGee (6-7 ½, 195, SOPH)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) - April 23-25

Notes: Andray Blatche and Greg Paulus each scored 24 points in a 67-50 win over the Pittsburgh Jots in the title game of one bracket at the Charlie Weber Capital Invitational. Blatche also had 19 and Paulus added 17 in a pool-play 58-54 victory against the Gauchos.

8. New York Gauchos (Bronx, N.Y.) – (10-2) *7

Top Prospect: PF Mike Davis (6-9, 215 JR)

Projected Starters: PG Levance Fields (5-11, 175, JR); SF Saquan Stone (6-5, 205, JR); SG Jessie Sapp (6-3, 185, JR); PF Curtis Kelly (6-8, 195, SOPH)

Others: PF Jeff McDermott (6-8, JR); SG Nyan Boateng (6-4, 175 JR); PG Jay Stevens (5-10, 165, JR); F John Gooden (6-6 ½, 230, SR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Texas) – April 23-25

Notes: Lavance Fields led the Gauchos to a title at the Playaz Spring Fling with 23 points in a 68-47 win over the Metro Hawks in the title game. Fields averaged 17.8 points at Boo Williams, where the Gauchos went 3-1 and were knocked off by the Illinois Warriors in the gold division quarterfinals. The Gauchos also lost to SRAP, 54-50, in the Charlie Weber tournament.

9. Illinois Wolves (Downers Grove, Ill.) – (0-0) *9

Top Prospect: G Bobby Frasor (6-3, 180, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Bryan Mullins (6-1, 180, JR); WG Sead Odzic (6-4, 180, JR); BF Mike Davis (6-8, 215, JR); BF Scott Smith (6-5, 220, JR)

Others: F Peter Flowers (6-6, SOPH); G Mason Stewart (6-2, JR); WG Ryan Sharp (6-3, JR); G Jon Rice (6-0, FR); BF Blake Nielsen (6-8, 230, JR); WF Adam Gregoriou (6-5, JR); WF Rob Robindox (6-7, JR); G Mike Thomas (6-1, JR); WG Jeff Robinson (6-1, JR)

Opening Tourney: Kingwood Classic (Houston) - April 23-25

10. Tallahassee Wildcats (Tallahassee, Fla.) – (5-0) *NR

Top Prospect: WF Alex Ruoff (6-7, 205, JR)

Projected Starters: C Abdul Herrera (6-10, 245, JR); BF Ryan Reid (6-9, 220, JR); PG Jermonte Bush (5-11, 165, JR); WG Aaron Holmes (6-5, 180, SOPH)

Others: WG Sean Morrison (6-3, 185, JR); F Hyman Taylor (6-9, 210, JR); WG Calvin Liptrot (6-3, 170, SOPH); PG Darryl Merthie (5-11, JR); BF Jimmy Sutton (6-10, 250, JR); WG Gary Clark (6-3, 170, FR); BF Daniel Bernat (6-8, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: Jermonte Bush scored 23 points in an overtime win against the New York Panthers and Alex Ruoff and Ryan Reid both played well in a 79-47 victory against the DC Blue Devils to win a bracket at the Charlie Weber Capital Invitational.

11. Rotary Select (Seattle, Wash.) – (6-0) *NR

Top Prospect: WG Marcus Williams (6-6, 190, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Terrence Williams (6-5, 210, JR); BF Alex Tiefenthaler (6-9, 210, JR); F Brandon Moore (6-7, 225, JR); PG Garrison Carr (5-10, 140, JR)

Others: WF Michael Boxley (6-5, 190, JR); PG Jake Linton (5-10, 155, JR); PG Jordan Sutton (5-11, 165, JR); WG Connor Mullen (6-5, 190, JR); BF Richard Phillips (6-7, 205, JR); WG Brandon Gibson (6-2, 175, JR)

Next: Spiece Run ‘N Slam (Ind.) – April 30-May 2

Notes: The Williams duo helped Rotary Select claim the title at last weekend's Pump ‘N Run Spring Invitational by knocking off High 5 America Arizona in the title game and the Compton Magic in the semis. Marcus Williams was the team MVP at the Pump ‘N Run tourney and had 32 in the semifinals.

12. Alabama Lasers (Huntsville, Ala.) – (5-1) *19

Top Prospect: BF Richard Hendrix (6-8 1/2 , 250, JR)

Projected Starters: C Yamene Coleman (6-9, 215, JR); WF Xavier Keeling (6-5, SOPH); PG Tyler Holloway (6-0, JR); WG Xavier Gibson (6-5, JR)

Others: G Leon McKinney (6-3, JR); PG Charles (JR) Strawbridge (5-10, SOPH); G William Barnes (6-3, SOPH); BF Mike Johnson (6-7 ½, 235, JR); BF Peanut Whitehead (6-8, 240, SOPH)

Next: Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans, La.) – May 29-31

Notes: Richard Hendrix dominated and made a case for himself as the top player at the event, averaging 22.8 points per game in earning all-tournament honors. Hendrix scored 25 points and had 22 boards in a silver division semifinal win against Team Texas. A pool-play loss to the Georgia Stars put them in the silver bracket, where the Lasers eventually lost to the Wisconsin Playground Warriors, 57-54.

13. D.C. Blue Devils (Washington, D.C.) – (5-3) *22

Top Prospect: F Kevin Durant (6-8, 185, SOPH)

Projected Starters: G Eric Price (6-1, JR); PG Tywon Lawson (5-10, 170, SOPH); C Lucas Stien (6-11, JR); F Robert Diggs (6-7, 180, JR)

Others: G Corey Allmond (5-10, SOPH); WG Ryan Scott (6-3, JR); C Matt Hewson (7-2, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: The Blue Devils lost to Oregon Select in pool play at Boo Williams and eventually were knocked out in the silver division quarterfinals by the Wisconsin Playground Warriors. Eric Price scored 26 points in a win over YOMCA and sophomore forward Kevin Durant had 18 points and 9 boards in the loss to Oregon Select. The Blue Devils won three games, including a rout over the Playaz, before falling in the bracket title game to the Tallahassee Wildcats at the Charlie Weber Capital Invitational. These guys also posted a big win against the Illinois Warriors at Boo Williams.

14. Playaz Basketball Club (Paterson, N.J.) – (11-2) *8

Top Prospect: F Brandon Costner (6-8 1/2, 215, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Jawan Carter (6-0, 165, SOPH); C Hashim Bailey (6-10, 245, JR); F J.R. Inman (6-8, 210, JR); WG Wayne Ellington (6-4, 185, SOPH)

Others: WG Gerald Henderson (6-5, 195, SOPH); WF Ryan Ayers (6-6, 195, JR); WG Jordan Fowler (6-5, SR*); BF Alvin Munafaya (6-8, JR); PG Dion Sumblin (5-7, JR); PG Luis Guzman (6-2, SOPH)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Texas) – April 23-25

Notes: The Playaz haven't quite found themselves yet. After a semifinal berth in their own tournament in which they were knocked off by the Metro Hawks in the semis, they rebounded to beat the DC Stars in the American bracket of the Charlie Weber Easter Hoop Fest. Then they got blown out by 20 points to the DC Blue Devils and didn't advance past pool play at the Charlie Weber Charlie Weber Capital Invitational.

15. Howard Pulley Panthers (Minneapolis, Minn.) – (3-2) *NR

Top Prospect: WG/WF Joe Krabbenhoft (6-7, JR)

Projected Starters: BF Cory Johnson (6-7, SOPH); PG Angelo Johnson (5-10, SOPH); PG Courtney Tyler (6-2, JR); BF Urule Igbavboa (6-8, JR); C Bryce Webster (6-10, SOPH); G Isaiah Dahlman (6-6, JR)

Others: WG/WF Andrew Henke (6-5, JR); WG Travis Brown (6-4, JR); BF/C Arden Skoglund (6-10, JR); WG Josh Vaughn (6-4, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: Despite being without arguably their top player, Joe Krabbenhoft, due to injury, the Panthers advanced to the semifinals of the Boo Williams gold division after knocking off the Miami Tropics and St. Louis Eagles in pool play. They also beat the Greensboro Gators in the quarterfinals before losing to the Illinois Warriors. HP also dropped a game in pool play to Athletes First. Isaiah Dahlman, an unknown sophomore on the national scene, earned all-tournament honors.

16. Illinois Fire (Chicago, Ill.) – (0-0) *15

Top Prospect: PG Tony Freeman (5-11, 170, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Jeremy Pargo (6-2, 185, JR); WG-WF Nate Minnoy (6-3, 210, JR); C Clarence Holloway (6-11, 280, JR); BF DeAndre Thomas (6-7 ½, 245, JR)

Others: WF Jeremiah Bryant (6-7, 205, JR); G Jarvis Walker (6-3, 190, JR); BF Robert Eppinger (6-8, 240, SOPH); PG Sheron Collins (5-8, SOPH); PG Chris Singletary (6-3, SOPH)

Opening Tourney: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

17. Team Texas (Dallas, Tex.) – (8-3) *12

Top Prospect: SF Calvin Miles (6-6/200, JR)

Projected Starters: SG/SF Terrell Harris (6-4/180, JR); SG Austin Johnson (6-3/165, JR); PF Michael Prince (6-6/200, JR); PF Bryan Davis (6-8/215, SOPH)

Others: PF Kevin Rogers (6-8/215, JR); SG Chris Cooke (6-2/185, JR); PG Aram Adams (5-11/165, JR); SG Jeramy Price (6-1/170, JR); SG Walker Delatour (6-4/185, JR); SF Jerel Hastings (6-4/185, JR); PF Bamba Fall (6-11/185, JR), PF Brad Taylor (6-4/210, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) - April 23-25

Notes: A loss to NorCal Elite in pool play put Team Texas in the silver division at Boo Williams, where they lost to the Alabama Lasers in the semis. Emerging big man Kevin Rogers scored 19 points and grabbed 8 boards in the loss. Wes Grandstaff's club went 5-0 at the Las Vegas Spring Showcase before losing to the Houston Hoops, 87-83, in the title game.

18. Belmont Shore (Long Beach, Calif.) – (12-1) *NR

Top Prospect: BF Jamal Boykin (6-7, 220, JR)

Projected Starters: C Brett Hoerner (6-11, JR); G Ed White (6-4, JR); PG Matt Thomas (6-4, SR*); F James Cawthorne (6-8, SOPH)

Others: PG Joseph Johnson (5-11, SOPH); G Seketoure Henry (6-3, JR); G Kieran Ramsey (6-4, FR); G Dezon Otis (6-2, SOPH)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: Dinos Trigonis' team started off the spring with a title at the Las Vegas Easter Classic, getting 28 points and 13 boards from junior Jamal Boykin in a victory over the Utah Vipers in the title game. This past weekend Belmont Shore won its first four games before losing to Team Texas in the semifinals of the Las Vegas Spring Showcase.

19. Boo Williams (Hampton, Va.) – (7-3) *NR

Top Prospect: G Marcus Ginyard (6-3, 180, JR)

Projected Starters: PF Vernon Macklin (6-8/195, SOPH); F Terrance Woodberry (6-6/205, JR); PF Eric Whitehurst (6-7/195, JR); SF Brian Gilmore (6-7/205, PREP)

Others SG Scott Reynolds (5-11/170, SOPH); G Ruell Pringle (6-1/190, PREP); PG Eric Hayes (6-1/170, SOPH); G Stefan Welsh (6-2/180, SOPH); SF David Jefferson (6-6/185, JR); PF/SF David Neal (6-6/225, JR); C Duke Crews (6-6/225, JR); PF Laurynas Mikalauskas (6-8/240, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic

Notes: The hometown advantage may have helped at their own tournament, but these guys are talented – and deep. Scotty Reynolds earned all-tournament honors as Boo Williams advanced to the gold division semifinals before being knocked off by eventual champion Georgia Stars. Also posted wins against Louisiana Select, Arkansas Wings and NorCal Elite – and a loss to Albany City Rocks. Boo lost in the title game of their bracket against Philadelphia Lutheran at last weekend's Charlie Weber tournament.

20. Friends of Hoop (Seattle, Wash.) – (2-2) *16

Top Prospect: WF Martell Webster (6-6, 200, JR)

Projected Starters: BF Jon Brockman (6-8, 250, JR); C Spencer Hawes (6-10, 215, SOPH); PG Mitch Johnson (6-1 ½, 185, JR); WG Micah Downs (6-7, 215, JR)

Others: WG Ryan Staudacher (6-3, 185, JR); F Tommy Craddock (6-8, 215, JR); PG Jamelle McMillan (6-1, FR)

Next: Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans, La.) – May 29-31

Notes: Martell Webster missed Boo Williams with an injury, but these guys still found a way to knock off Georgia Elite and the Metro Hawks to advance to the gold division before eventually falling to the Georgia Stars, 83-81, in the quarterfinals. Hard-nosed forward Jon Brockman averaged 25.5 points and made the all-tournament team while Micah Downs and Tommy Craddock played well.

21. South Carolina Ravens (Columbia, S.C.) – (5-1) *NR

Top Prospect: F Cassan Breeden (6-7, 180, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Devon Downey (5-9, 150, JR); C Allen Taylor (6-8, 260, JR); WF Josh Dollard (6-8, 195, JR); PG Jeremiah Richardson (5-9, JR)

Others: F Mike Jones (6-7, SOPH); WF Rashad Bennett (6-1, JR); WG Zack Rich (6-2, JR); BF John Thompson (6-6, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: Despite playing with star Cassan Breeden, the Ravens won the bronze bracket at Boo Williams –which included wins against NorCal Elite, Martin Bros., Albany City Rocks and California Elite. They went 2-1 in pool play, but lost on tiebreakers and settled for the bronze bracket – where they beat California Elite in the championship game. Junior guard Devon Downey averaged 20.8 points in the tournament.

22. Wisconsin Playground Warriors (Milwaukee, Wisc.) – (4-2) *NR

Top Prospect: F Marcus Landry (6-7, 185, JR)

Projected Starters: SF/PF Marcus Landry (6-7/185, JR), PG Joe Higgins (6-0/165, JR), SF Breon Allen (6-6/175, JR), SG Jerry Smith (6-3/200, SOPH), PG Billy Mimis (5-9/130, JR)

Others: SG John Rybak (6-4/195, JR), SG/PG Javon Campbell (6-2/170, JR), PG Wilethon Boyce (5-11/180, JR), PG Will Howard (5-10/175, JR), SG Nick Polk (6-1/180, JR), PF Andy Polka (6-6/240, SOPH), SG John Dekker (6-5/180, SOPH), SG/PG Naz Daniels (6-4/1800, SOPH), PG Steve Gruber (5-10/165, SOPH)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: A strong showing at Boo Williams earned super-soph Jerry Smith & Co. a spot in the poll. Wins against the Tennessee Travelers, All-Ohio, DC Blue Devils and BABC got them to the silver division semifinals, where they lost to the Alabama Lasers. Other setback came against another ranked team – the Gauchos.

23. Dallas Mustangs Blue (Dallas, Tex.) – (5-1) *11

Top Prospect: PG Byron Eaton (5-10, 190, JR)

Projected Starters: SG Austin Jackson (6-1/170, JR); SG Booker Woodfox (6-0/165, JR); SF/PF Gary Flowers (6-8/200, JR); SG Steffon Wiley (6-1/170, JR)

Others: SF Chris Lewis (6-8/200, JR); PF/C Terrance Garrison (6-8/215, JR); C Justin Howerton (6-9/225, JR); SG Wesley Johnson (6-6/170, JR); PF/SF Jeremy Buttell (6-8/215, JR); SG John Nolan (6-4/175, JR); PG/SG Aaron Jackson (6-1/170, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) - April 23-25

Notes: The Mustangs advanced to the title game at the Reebok Pearland Classic, where they lost to the Texas Blue Chips, 55-35. Gary Flowers had 14 and Byron Eaton added 13 in the loss. Austin Jackson scored 25 in a 74-64 win over the Houston Hoopstars and Flowers finished with 14 points and 16 boards in a 65-55 victory against the Etowah Stars.

24. Southern California All-Stars (Los Angeles, Calif.) – (8-2) *20

Top Prospect: WG Bryan Harvey (6-5, 190, JR)

Projected Starters: PG JayDee Luster (5-9, 150, FR); WF Marcus Johnson (6-6, 180, JR); BF Taylor King (6-6, 190, FR); BF-C Lowell Grissom (6-8, SR*)

Others: PG Joey Knox (6-0, JR); WF Chase Budinger (6-6, 185, SOPH); WG Chad Decasas (6-4, SOPH); F Lamar Roberson (6-8, SR*)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: These guys got knocked off in the quarterfinals of the Las Vegas Easter Classic by High 5 AZ Red and advanced to the semis last weekend at the Las Vegas Spring Showcase before losing to the eventual champion Houston Hoops. Pat Barrett's club picked up wins over South Florida Heat and California Elite before losing to the Hoops. Marcus Johnson averaged 22.8 points, Bryan Harvey put up 19.8 ppg and Taylor King added 12.6 points and 9.2 boards per contest in the Showcase.

25. The Family (Detroit, Mich.) – (2-3) *13

Top Prospect: SG Ramar Smith (6-3, 185, SOPH)

Projected Starters: PG/SG Chris Douglas-Roberts (6-5/165, JR); SF/PF Lionel Sullivan (6-5/185, JR); PG Jarret Smith (6-3/180, JR); C Anthony Sparks (6-8/305, JR)

Others: PF Brandon Wolfe (6-7/210, JR), PF Jairocey Simpson (6-6/260, JR), PF DeShawn Sims (6-8/215, SOPH), PG B.J. Walker (5-8/160, JR), PG Tajuan Porter (5-6/155, SOPH), SF Omar Thomas (6-6/205, SOPH), PF Carson Butler (6-5/220, JR), SF Eulis Stephens (6-5/190, SOPH)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) - April 23-25

Notes: Chris Douglas-Roberts scored 30 points in a pool play setback to the Georgia Stars. The Family also lost to the Alabama Lasers, 93-74, in pool play and lost to the South Carolina Ravens in the semifinals of the bronze division at Boo Williams. Douglas-Roberts & Co. posted wins against the Charlotte Royals and Georgia Elite.

Dropped Out:

No. 10 Miami Tropics (Miami, Fla.) – (2-2)

Top Prospect: WG David Huertas (6-4, 180, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Josue Soto (6-0, SOPH); WG Denis Clemente (6-1, 170, JR); BF Sammy Hernandez (6-6, 220, JR); BF-C Dwayne Collins (6-8, JR)

Others: C Jason Bennett (7-2, SOPH); PG Edwin Rios (6-0, FR); WG Eduardo Bermudez (6-5, JR); WF Brian Hoff (6-4, JR); C Luis Colon (6-10, 270, SOPH)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) - April 23-25

Notes: David Huertas averaged 18.8 points at Boo Williams, but the Tropics were upset by the Howard Pulley Panthers in pool play and BABC in the silver division quarterfinals. Art Alvarez' squad did post wins over the St. Louis Eagles and Athletes First.

No. 17 Tennessee Travelers (Newport, Tenn.) – (0-3)

Top Prospect: SG/PG Jamont Gordon (6-4, 215, JR)

Projected Starters: PF David Palmer (6-8/230, JR); SG/SF Jonathan Adams (6-5/200, JR); PF Matthew Dotson (6-8/210, JR); SF Daniel Puckett (6-7/210, JR)

Others: PF Tyler Webb (6-8/220, JR); PG Dequan Twilley (5-10/155, SOPH); SF Micah Williams (6-4/210, SOPH); SG Stephen McClellan (6-1/165, SOPH); SG Rushawn Reeves (6-1/190, JR); SG Logan Johnson (6-4/170, JR); SG Verice Cloyd (6-3/170, JR); C Rob Bledsoe (6-10/190, JR); PG Zach Ferrell (5-10/155, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: Junior Jonathan Adams is out of action for at least another month with a broken bone in his foot. The Travelers had a rough go at Boo Williams, losing all three games – to Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Gauchos and All-Ohio.

No. 18 Team Florida (Clearwater, Fla.) – (1-2)

Top Prospect: F Keith Brumbaugh (6-9, 180, JR)

Projected Starters: PF Arminus Urbutis (6-9, 215, JR), PG Walter Hodge (6-0, 160, JR), SG Jeremiah Rivers (6-4, 170, SOPH), SF Keaton Grant (6-4, 175, JR).

Others: SF Luc Mbahamoute (6-7, 185, JR), PG Vytautas Valiulis (6-1, 165, JR), Giedriuis Knysas (6-6, 160, JR), C Raymond Sykes (6-9, 185, JR), SF Stephane Bakinde (6-8, 185, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: Keith Brumbaugh & Co. got off to a good start with a victory over Friends of Hoop (Wash.) in their first pool play game, but a pair of losses to the Metro Hawks and Georgia Elite

No. 21 Arizona Magic Blue (Phoenix, Ariz.) – (3-1)

Top Prospect: F Lawrence Hill (6-8, 210, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Harvey Perry (6-5, 210, SR*); PG Darren Jordan (6-0, 175, JR); WG-WF Joey Shaw (6-7, 195, JR); BF-C James Anderson (6-10, 190, JR)

Others: Kaleo Kina (6-3, 200, JR); WG Ray Murdock (6-4, 210, JR); BF Jerry Nash (6-8, SR*)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: The boys from the desert went 3-1 out at the Las Vegas Spring Showcase, losing to California Elite in the playoffs. Lawrence Hill scored 23 points and grabbed 13 boards in a win over the Step Up Ballers while Harvey Perry had 18 points in a victory against ABC Hoop.

No. 23 Pump ‘N Run (Chatsworth, Calif.) – (7-2)

Top Prospect: BF Jordan Wilkes (6-9, 200, JR)

Projected Starters: BF Alex Stephenson (6-8, 215, SOPH); PG Mario Chalmers (6-2, 175, JR); WG Nick Young (6-6, SR*) PG Jonathan Gibson (6-0, JR)

Others: PG Brian McTear (5-11, 155, JR); BF Evan Harris (6-7, SR*); A.J. Mahar; WG Jonathan Tolliver (6-3, SR*); WG Lorenzo Keeler (6-3, SR*)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: Failed to advance to the semifinals at their own tournament last weekend and also at the Texas Classic earlier in the month.

No. 24 Martin Bros. (Waterloo, Iowa) – (0-3)

Top Prospect: BF-C Ross Marsden (6-10, JR)

Projected Starters: PG Kevin Kanaskie (6-1, JR); WF Adam Templeton (6-5, JR); BF Travis Nelson (6-9, JR); WG Tyrone Scott (5-10, JR)

Others: G Nate Garner (6-4, JR); F Grant Franzen (6-6, JR); F Patrick Fandja (6-6, JR); F Casey Morgan (6-7, JR); PG Jon Heyland (6-0, JR); G Andrew Stimson (6-1, JR); G Dan Bohall (6-3, JR); WG Jason Bohannon (6-2, SOPH); BF Jordan Eglseder (6-10, SOPH); PG Tyler Sash (6-0, FR)

Next: Spiece Run ‘N Slam (Ind.) – April 30-May 2

Notes: The boys from Iowa didn't get off to a good start this spring, losing all three pool play games at Boo Williams to NorCal Elite, Team Texas and the South Carolina Ravens.

No. 25 St. Louis Eagles (St. Louis, Mo.) – (1-3)

Top Prospect PF Tyler Hansbrough (6-9/230, JR)

Projected Starters PF Ashton Farmer (6-5/215, JR); PG Lamar Howard (6-3/190, JR); SF Arthur Sargent (6-4/195, JR); SF/PF Alex Tyus (6-8/195, SOPH)

Others PG Tim Clark (6-0/160, JR); C Cody Stoneburner (6-9/210, JR); SF Eric Jones (6-4185, JR); PG Jay Robinson (5-11/140, JR); SF Alex Barnett (6-5/200, JR); SG Zac Riley (6-1/185, JR); PF Javonte Hughes (6-8/215, JR); SG Landon Shipley (6-1/165, JR)

Next: Kingwood Classic (Houston) – April 23-25

Notes: Tyler Hansbrough averaged 26.3 points per game at Boo Williams, second behind only Louis Williams, but the Eagles lost three out of four – including setbacks to the Miami Tropics, Howard Pulley Panthers and California Elite. Hansbrough had 24 points in a 61-56 win over Athletes First.

Others to Watch: Southeast Elite (Huntsville, Ala.); Arizona Cagers (Ariz.); Arkansas Wings (Ark.); H-Squad (Calif.); California Elite (Calif.); Inland (Calif.); Oakland Slam ‘N Jam (Calif.); NorCal Elite (Calif.); D.C. Assault (Washington, D.C.); Delaware Sharpshooters (Milford, Del.); Team Breakdown (Fla.); South Florida Heat (Fla.); World Wide Renegades (Ga.); Smyrna Stars (Ga.); Meanstreets (Chicago, Ill.); Spiece Select 2005 (Ind.); Blessed IJN (Fort Wayne, Ind.); KC Pump ‘N Run (Kan.); Baltimore Select (Md.); New England Playaz (Springfield, Mass.); BABC (Boston, Mass.); Michigan Hurricanes (Mich.); Team Minnesota (Minn.); Magnolia Stars (Miss.); N.J. All-Stars (N.J.); New Jersey Panthers (N.J.); Metro Hawks (Bronx, N.Y.); New York Ravens (Bronx, N.Y.); Albany City Rocks (N.Y.); New Heights (New York, N.Y.); New York Panthers (New York City, N.Y.); N.C. Gaters (N.C.); All-Ohio Red (Ohio); Cleveland Basketball Club (Ohio); Portland Panthers (Portland, Ore.); Portland Elite (Ore.); Philly MJC (Pa.); Athletes First (Okla.);YOMCA (Tenn.); Memphis Bulldogs (Tenn.); Mid-State Ballerz (Tenn.); Houston Elite (Houston, Texas); Texas Blue Chips (Texas); Houston Select (Texas); Utah Vipers (Utah); Squires (Va.); Fox Valley Skillz (Wis.); Wisconsin DTA (Wis.); Friends of Hoop (Wis.)

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