Kingwood: Day Two Checklist

<b>HOUSTON –</b> Though the Greg Oden-Derrick Caracter matchup fizzled, Illinois Wolves guard Bobby Frasor provided some sizzle. Here's a breakdown of some of the standouts.

Kingwood Classic, Day Two

2005 Checklist

Bobby Frasor, SG/PG, Illinois Wolves: No one did more for their stock in one day than was he did on Saturday. Frasor dealt Team Texas by stroking the game winning jumper. In the affair, he finished with 24 points on 9-for-10 from the floor and went 5-for-6 from downtown. He continued his stellar play all day long as the head coaching caravan continued every time he was in the gym. Understand this: he didn't miss a field goal against Texas until there was just over 4 minutes remaining in the game.

Tyler Hansbrough, PF, St. Louis Eagles: His team isn't strong so he's got to play a ton of minutes, take a beating off double teams and score for the Eagles to win. It's asking a lot but this warrior delivered on Saturday. In the two games we watched him, Hansbrough had 19 points (7-9 FG, 5-8 FT, sprained ankle) and 28 (9-14 FG, 10-10 FT) in a loss to the Playaz. He takes playing hard to another level. He's committed to excellence.

Calvin Miles, SF, Team Texas: There can't be 10 more talented prospects in the class than this guy. He moves all around to score – perimeter, post, you name it – and he's gaining in confidence. He posted 34 in one playoff outing.

Brandon Costner, PF, Playaz: Credit him for battling Hansbrough in a playoff win. Though he seems to prefer the perimeter, Costner showed that he can do work down low. He's got enough skill to get himself to the rim and when he's not successful, Costner showed a penchant for getting himself to the line. He's got range from downtown and moves around on offense.

Byron Eaton, PG, Dallas Mustangs: He plays the game ala Kyle Lowry from last year's class. He'll chew the fat with you but blow by you while he's doing it. The 5-11 Eaton has a body for contact and plays the game in attack mode. He puts a lot of pressure on defenses to adjust to him and that's a gift. He's a two-sport guy; kind of like Jerome Bettis with a basketball running down a hill.

Keith Brumbaugh, SF, Team Florida: In reportedly a poorly officiated game in which Team Florida lost a 28-point lead, Brumbaugh supposedly was awesome. His team scored 101 points and only played 6 or 7 guys.

Ben McCauley, PF, Pittsburgh Jots: He's a totally different guy from last summer. His body has filled out and is taking him down the route of power forward. Now, he's in the midst of a position transition and that could be why his scoring is down somewhat. He can handle it some and his upper body is very strong.

Marcus Landry, PF/SF, Wisc. Playground Warriors: There's something to be said for a 6-7 guy with a live body. Landry uses athleticism and leaping ability to accomplish things inside. He's a decent shooter to mid-range and always seems to be around the ball. Nice weekend effort.

Alex Ruoff, SG, Tallahassee Wildcats: The book on him is that he's a skilled shooter with and outstanding stroke. He sees the floor, has a good hoops IQ but his foot speed and athleticism is not there. His recruitment will range from mid-to-high-major programs.

Abdul Herrera, C, Tallahassee Wildcats: Yes, this native of Panama is the last of a dying breed: a true center. He's strong, has a body built for contact and seems comfortable scoring in the post. Slightly mechanical, he's got broad shoulders and projects as a high-major big man.

Marcus Johnson, SF, So Cal All-Stars: His athleticism did it again. The young man has the unique ability to give his team momentum with a big time dunk or freakish athletic play. He's not a consistently big scorer, but he'll have his moments like the 27 he had in one game here.

J.R. Inman, SF, Playaz: You can see the potential in his Sean Banks-ish frame. He plays facing the basket, is long and lean and has some athleticism. His jumper was hit and miss and his 3s weren't falling in the games we saw.

Jovan Adams, PG, Houston Elite: He's got point guard size and a shooting guard's mentality. Adams is blazing fast and can get by guys. He's also got range on his jumper and is fearless with the trigger. He'll be a personal preference recruit for someone who really wants to play fast.

2006 Checklist

Greg Oden vs. Derrick Caracter: The matchup of the two best big men in the sophomore class was a dud. Neither was very aggressive and frankly there was no buzz in the gym like there should have been for such a Richter Scale affair. The final unofficial tally had Oden with 7 points and 6 rebounds and Caracter with 8 points and 8 boards. It should be noted that Caracter did not score inside when Oden guarded him. These guys owe us a good shoe camp matchup in the future.

Daequon Cook, SG/SF, Spiece Indy Heat: He was the undercard to the Oden-Caracter main event and he was pretty darn good. This big timer from Ohio has quite a scoring package and he's gotten better since last year. From downtown or slashing to the cup, he can do it all. 17 points as the undercard isn't bad.

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