Blue Demons Add A Pair

Karron Clarke won't be at Miami next season. The 6-6 wing is headed to a different program and he'll be joined by another fellow New Yorker.

If Chicago is the permanent residence of the DePaul Blue Demons, then New York City might as well be its hot vacation spot. On Wednesday, the Blue Demons added a pair of former New Yorkers to its roster.

Karron Clarke, a 6-5 wing who played at Miami as a freshman last season, picked Dave Leitao's program. "It was DePaul pretty much from the get go," Clarke said of his transfer destination. "I haven't really looked at any other schools. I knew them all through high school so we had a relationship before the whole thing started."

Clarke averaged 3 points and 10 minutes of action as a freshman in Coral Gables last season. He'll be joined in Chicago by New York native and lead guard Cliff Clinksdale.

The 6-1 Clinksdale did a tour this past season at Ocala Shores Christian in Florida. Clarke pointed out that Clinksdale's decision to attend DePaul was comforting.

"I didn't want to go there myself. I wasn't going to be there myself because Sammy Mejia is there but [Clinksdale] did factor into my decision because I played with him before when I was younger."

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