2006 Focus: Tyre Thompson

Tyre Thompson, a 6-2 sophomore shooting guard from Compton (Calif.) Centennial, says he'd like to leave the area when he goes to college...

Tyre Thompson, 6-2 SO SG Compton (Calif.) Centennial, had some big games in Centennial's run to the state championship this year. Thompson is one of the better shooters we've seen so far among wings in the 2006 class.

We spoke with Thompson at the Kingwood Classic and asked him which schools have shown the most interest to date.

"Iowa and Kansas are showing the most interest right now," said Thompson.

When we asked if there are any programs he'd like to be hearing from, Thompson replied, "I'd like to hear from North Carolina, Syracuse, Oklahoma and Georgia Tech."

We noted the absence of West Coast schools and Thompson said, "yeah, I want to go away."

Thompson went on to say, "I want to play for a good coach, who can help me get better."

When questioned about the importance of early playing time, Thompson said, "I can work hard and put in the time to earn playing time."

Thompson said he anticipates making a decision early in his senior year. However, he didn't rule out the possibility of making an earlier decision. "If the right school were to offer, I could decide early," said Thompson.

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