Traveling Team Top 25's Traveling Team Top 25 Poll. The team on top hasn't changed, but there's been plenty of movement – along with a handful of new teams in the mix. If we forgot anyone, please feel free to e-mail Jeff Goodman at The rankings will be updated every other week.


1. Georgia Stars (Atlanta, Ga.) – (14-0) *1

Notes: The Stars have already captured the two biggest tournaments of the spring – Boo Williams and Kingwood. Billy Humphrey scored a team-high 22 in the victory against Spiece Indy Heat in the title game at Kingwood. Louis Williams put up 19 and Jay Brown added 12 in the semifinal win against DC Assault.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: Alabama Lasers, The Family, Boo Williams, Illinois Warriors, Playaz, Team Texas, Spiece Indy Heat

Key Losses: N/A

2. Rotary Select (Seattle, Wash.) – (12-1) *11

Notes: The lone loss came against Philly MJC at Spiece as Rotary Select advanced to the title game, but had to leave to catch a plane. Marcus Williams scored 37 points and Terrence Williams added 19 in a semifinal win against the Illinois Warriors. Garrison Carr scored 18 against the Warriors and had 16 – including four 3-pointers – in a victory against Spiece Indy Heat.

Next: Rose City Classic (Ore.); Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Compton Magic; Pump ‘N Run; Spiece Indy Heat; Illinois Fire; Illinois Warriors

Key Losses: Philly MJC

3. New Orleans Jazz (New Orleans, La.) – (7-0) *3

Notes: The Jazz haven't played since Tasmin Mitchell earned tournament MVP honors in winning the title at the adidas Texas Classic. James Parlow, Kenneth Cooper and sophomore floor leader D.J. Augustine also made the all-tournament team. The Jazz knocked off Houston Select in the title game and Sports Academy in the semis.

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Houston Select; Sports Academy; Pump ‘N Run

Key Losses: N/A

4. Spiece Indy Heat (Indianapolis, Ind.) – (12-3) *2

Notes: It was No. 1 against No. 2 in the title game at Kingwood and the Georgia Stars came out on top. Sophomore Daequan Cook scored 19 in the loss to the Stars and 7-foot sophomore Greg Oden added 14. Mike Conley Jr. played most of the tournament right-handed because of a sprained wrist on his shooting hand. The Indy Heat lost a pair of games at the Run ‘N Slam in Indiana – one to the Illinois Fire in the semis and also a pool-play setback (without Conley and Josh McRoberts) to Rotary Select.

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Boo Williams; Playaz; Illinois Wolves; YOMCA; Illinois Fire

Key Losses: Georgia Stars; Illinois Fire; Rotary Select

5. SRAP (Syracuse, N.Y.) – (10-1) *7

Notes: Greg Paulus didn't play well in the first game of the Kingwood Classic despite scoring 27 points, but after that he was on his game, making his teammates better and also knocking down long-range shots. Paulus had 22 and Andray Blatche had 24 in a win over the Arizona Magic and both players finished with 20 in a loss to Team Texas in the round of 16.

Next: Five-Star (Mass.) – May 15-16

Key Wins: Gauchos; Illinois Fire; Belmont Shore; AZ Magic

Key Losses: Team Texas

6. Houston Hoops (Houston, Texas) – (14-3) *5

Notes: The host team went 3-2 at the Kingwood Classic, losing to DC Assault in the round of 16. Arizona-bound forward Fendi Onobun scored 16 in a win over the Illinois Warriors and Marcellus Bennett finished with 17 in the loss to DC Assault. Speedy guard David Devezin also played well while Arizona commit Nic Wise was on the shelf with a jammed finger.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: H-Squad; SC All-Stars; Team Texas; Illinois Warriors

Key Losses: AZ Cagers; Belmont Shore; DC Assault

7. New York Gauchos (Bronx, N.Y.) – (15-3) *8

Notes: The Gauchos made it to the quarters in Houston before getting knocked off by DC Assault. Lavance Fields played well, scoring 17 in a win over the Texas Blue Chips and adding 26 – including six trifectas – in a victory against the Dallas Mustangs. Curtis Kelly, one of the top sophomore big men in the nation, split his time between the 16 and 17's at Kingwood.

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Philly MJC; Metro Hawks; Wisconsin Playground; Miami Tropics; Atlanta Celtics; Dallas Mustangs; Texas Blue Chips

Key Losses: Illinois Warriors; SRAP; DC Assault

8. Illinois Warriors (Oak Forest, Ill.) – (10-6) *4

Notes: The Warriors rolled to the finals at Boo Williams, but then dropped all three of their games at Kingwood – to Belmont Shore, Houston Hoops and SC Ravens. Larry Butler's group advanced to the semifinals Jonathan Scheyer and Julian Wright each scored 14 points in a loss to Belmont Shore.

Next: adidas May Classic (Bloomington, Ind.) – May 14-16

Key Wins: YOMCA; Gauchos; HP; Michigan Hurricanes

Key Losses: DC Blue Devils; Georgia Stars; Belmont Shore; Houston Hoops; SC Ravens; Rotary Select

9. Illinois Wolves (Downers Grove, Ill.) – (5-1) *9

Notes: There was no brighter star at Kingwood than Bobby Frasor, who torched Team Texas for 25 points – including six trifectas – en route to picking up an offer from UNC. Frasor also had 20 in the quarterfinal loss to Spiece Indy Heat while Sead Odzic added 14 on four 3-pointers. Bryan Mullins ran the show all weekend and put up 13 in a win over the Tallahassee Wildcats.

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Tallahassee Wildcats; Team Texas; Atlanta Celtics

Key Losses: Spiece Indy Heat

10. Alabama Lasers (Huntsville, Ala.) – (5-1) *12

Notes: The Lasers opted to skip Kingwood Classic after a strong showing earlier in the spring at Boo Williams. Richard Hendrix dominated and made a case for himself as the top player at Boo, averaging 22.8 points per game in earning all-tournament honors. Hendrix scored 25 points and had 22 boards in a silver division semifinal win against Team Texas. A pool-play loss to the Georgia Stars put them in the silver bracket, where the Lasers eventually lost to the Wisconsin Playground Warriors, 57-54.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: The Family; Metro Hawks; Team Texas; Wisconsin Playground

Key Losses: Georgia Stars

11. Playaz Basketball Club (Paterson, N.J.) – (18-6) *14

Notes: The Playaz struggled early in Kingwood, but redeemed themselves with a comeback win against the Smyrna Stars – and a victory over the St. Louis Eagles. Brandon Costner had 17 and Wayne Ellington had a team-high 20 against St. Louis while J.R. Inman scored 16 and Costner had 12 in a quarterfinal loss to Spiece Indy Heat. The Playaz were without Jawan Carter (stomach) for the semifinal loss to Boo Williams at the Southern Invitational.

Next: Basketball City (N.Y.) – May 22-23; Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: NY Ravens; St. Louis Eagles; DC Blue Devils

Key Losses: Metro Hawks; DC Blue Devils; SC All-Stars; Georgia Stars; Spiece Indy Heat; Boo Williams

12. Illinois Fire (Chicago, Ill.) – (9-4) *16

Notes: The Fire had a so-so showing at Kingwood, losing to YOMCA in the sweet 16 – but came back and claimed the title at the HP/Sabes Invitational after Rotary Select had to leave and catch and plane. Nate Minnoy has looked impressive thus far in the spring, scoring 24 against Philly MJC, putting up 23 in a win over the Spiece Indy Heat and scoring 32 in Houston against Team Florida.

Next: adidas May Classic (Bloomington, Ind.) – May 14-16; Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Team Florida; Rotary Select; Spiece Indy Heat; Martin Bros.

Key Losses: SRAP; YOMCA; Spiece Indy Heat; Rotary Select

13. Team Texas (Dallas, Tex.) – (12-5) *17

Notes: Calvin Miles had 17 points, Terrell Harris finished with 16 and Kevin Rogers added 15 in a win over SRAP at the Kingwood, where Wes Grandstaff's club went 4-2 – including wins against the Tallahassee Wildcats, Michigan Hurricanes and Miami Tropics. They suffered two tough losses – one in overtime against the Illinois Wolves and another to No. 1 Georgia Stars.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: SC Ravens; Martin Bros; Belmont Shore; Portland Legends; Tallahassee Wildcats; Miami Tropics; SRAP

Key Losses: NorCal Elite; Alabama Lasers; Georgia Stars; Illinois Wolves; Houston Hoops

14. Boo Williams (Hampton, Va.) – (11-4) *19

Notes: Marcus Ginyard (UNC) scored 24 points in a semifinal win against Hunting Park and Virginia-bound Laurynas Mikalauskas had 19 points and 12 boards in a 72-64 victory against the Playaz in the title game. Boo went 1-2 at Kingwood, beating the New Jersey Panthers and losing to Spiece and DC Assault.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: Louisiana Select; NorCal Elite; Playaz; NJ Panthers

Key Losses: Albany City Rocks; Georgia Stars; Spiece Indy Heat; DC Assault

15. Dallas Mustangs Blue (Dallas, Tex.) – (14-2) *23

Notes: The Mustangs, despite being without Austin Jackson, rolled to seven straight victories to claim the title at the HP/Sabes Invitational. Gary Flowers was tournament MVP and Roderick Fleming led the Mustangs with 20 in the title game. Dallas went 3-1 at Kingwood, with the lone loss coming to the Gauchos in the second round of the playoffs.

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Wisconsin Playground (twice); Portland Legends; HP

Key Losses: Texas Blue Chips; Gauchos

16. Belmont Shore (Long Beach, Calif.) – (12-1) *18

Notes: Dinos Trigonis' boys came up with big wins against the Houston Hoops and Illinois Warriors in pool play, but were unable to knock off YOMCA in the second round of the gold playoffs. Guard Seketoure Henry opened some eyes, scoring 19 – including 5 trifetcas – against Team Breakdown. Jamal Boykin was also solid averaged 13.3 points in the four games.

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Blessed IJN; Houston Hoops; Illinois Warriors; Team Breakdown

Key Losses: Team Texas; YOMCA

17. Texas Blue Chips (Texas) – (10-1) *NR

Notes: Raymond Hicks scored 22 points in a victory against the NY Panthers and had 12 in a semifinal loss to the Gauchos in the Kingwood Classic. Sophomore Damion James finished with 18 points against the Gauchos and Harvey Hale added 17, including a trio of trifectas.

Next: N/A

Key Wins: Dallas Mustangs; New Heights; NY Panthers

Key Losses: Gauchos

18. D.C. Assault (Washington, D.C.) – (14-4) *NR

Notes: The addition of Jeff Green makes a big difference. The Georgetown-bound senior, who is still looking to get the test score to qualify for the Hoyas next season, scored 31 against the Georgia Stars in a semifinal loss. Dante Cunningham had 19 in a victory over the Houston Hoops. These guys lost in the semis one weekend at Charlie Weber and in the title game another weekend.

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Boo Williams; All-Ohio; Houston Hoops; Gauchos

Key Losses: NJ All-Stars; Georgia Stars

19. D.C. Blue Devils (Washington, D.C.) – (9-4) *13

Notes: The D.C. Blue Devils were one of just a handful of teams who opted not to go to the Kingwood Classic. Instead, they chose to go to following weekend to the Southern Invitational, where they lost to the Playaz in the semifinals. Super sophomore forward Kevin Durant scored 26 in the loss and also had 20 in a pool-play game. Tywon Lawson scored 18 and Eric Price finished with 15 against the Magic Hoops.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: YOMCA; Illinois Warriors; Playaz

Key Losses: Portland Legends; Wisconsin Playground; Tallahassee Wildcats; Playaz

20. Friends of Hoop (Seattle, Wash.) – (2-2) *20

Notes: These guys have been off since Boo Williams, when they split four games – winning against Georgia Elite and the Metro Hawks and losing to Team Florida and the No. 1 Georgia Stars. Martell Webster missed Boo with an injury, but Jon Brockman picked up the slack, averaging 25.5 points per game in making the all-tourney team.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: Metro Hawks

Key Losses: Team Florida; Georgia Stars

21. YOMCA (Tenn.) – (9-4) *NR

Notes: After losing all three of its games at Boo Williams, the boys from Memphis came back with a vengeance at Kingwood, winning six straight before losing to Spiece Indy Heat in the gold semifinals. Senior guard Courtney Pigram had a terrific tournament, scoring 17 against Blessed IJN and Meanstreets. Thaddeus Young scored 17 points against Belmont Shore.

Next: N/A

Key Wins: Blessed IJN; Belmont Shore; Illinois Fire; Meanstreets

Key Losses: Illinois Warriors; DC Blue Devils, Portland Elite; Spiece Indy Heat

22. Meanstreets (Chicago, Ill.) – (12-3) *NR

Notes: Tai Streets' club plays hard and they may not have the biggest names, but they never cheat you in effort. The Meanstreets lost to YOMA in the quarterfinals at Kingwood and were knocked off by the Portland Legends in the semis at the HP/Sabes Invitational. Joevan Catron had 20 and Jerel McNeal added 13 in the loss to Portland.

Next: adidas May Classic (Bloomington, Ind.) – May 14-16

Key Wins: SC All-Stars; HP; Compton Magic

Key Losses: YOMCA; Portland Legends; High Five America

23. Portland Legends (Portland, Ore.) – (11-4) *NR

Notes: The Legends started out 2-2 at Boo Williams, lost to Team Texas in the quarterfinals of the Las Vegas Spring Showcase and advanced all the way to title game of the HP/Sabes Invitational, where they lost to Dallas Mustangs, 68-67. Latravis Turner scored 14 in the championship game.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: DC Blue Devils; YOMCA

Key Losses: Illinois Warriors; All-Ohio; Team Texas

24. Metro Hawks (Bronx, N.Y.) – (10-4)

Notes: The former Riverside Church got 15 points from guard Chris Lowe in a loss to the Georgia Stars in the sweet16 of the Kingwood Classic while sophomore Jonathan Mitchell added 15 points and Tyrell Biggs chipped in with 11. The Hawks lost in the semifinals of the Spring Fling to the host Playaz and went 2-2 at Boo Williams.

Next: N/A

Key Wins: NY Panthers; Team Florida; Portland Panthers; SC Ravens

Key Losses: Playaz Basketball Club; Friends of Hoop (Wash.); Alabama Lasers; Georgia Stars

25. Howard Pulley Panthers (Minneapolis, Minn.) – (8-5) *15

Notes: The Panthers surprised some with a strong performance at Boo Williams, but were bounced out in the first round of the gold playoffs at Kingwood by the Tennessee Dream. HP went 3-2 at their own tournament this past weekend, losing to the Meanstreets and Portland Legends. Brandon Rush joined the team for last weekend and scored 15 in a win over the St. Louis Eagles.

Next: adidas Memorial Day Classic (Ind.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Miami Tropics; St. Louis Eagles (twice); Greensboro Gaters; Jackson Panthers

Key Losses: Athletes First; Illinois Warriors; Tennessee Dream; Mean Streets; Portland Legends

Dropped Out:

No. 6 Atlanta Celtics Black (Atlanta, Ga.) – (2-3)

Notes: While many of the other teams had already played in a few tournaments, this was the Celtics' first time out on the national stage. Brandon Rush was up and down, with 25 points in a loss to the Miami Tropics and 6 in a win over the Portland Panthers. Tracy Smith played well, finishing with 17 against the Panthers and 13 in a victory over Houston Select.

Next: adidas Memorial Day Classic (Ind.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: Portland Panthers, Houston Select

Key Losses: Gauchos, Miami Tropics, Illinois Wolves

No. 10 Tallahassee Wildcats (Tallahassee, Fla.) – (5-3)

Notes: After a strong showing at Charlie Weber in which they beat the DC Blue Devils to win their bracket, the Wildcats dropped all three of their games at the loaded Kingwood Classic. Abdul Herrera's play was a bright spot – the 6-11 big man scored 19 in a loss to the Illinois Wolves and had 10 in a setback against Team Texas. Alex Ruoff was inconsistent with 3 points against the Wolves and 16 against Team Texas.

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: DC Blue Devils; NY Panthers

Key Losses: Illinois Wolves; Team Texas; NY Panthers

No. 21 South Carolina Ravens (Columbia, S.C.) – (7-3)

Notes: Cassan Breeden returned for Kingwood after missing Boo Williams to play in Germany and the Ravens split four games in Houston. Undersized point guard Devon Downey scored 25 points and sophomore Mike Jones added 14 in a victory against the Illinois Warriors. Dion Bethea's club lost to the Metro Hawks in the second round of the playoffs.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: Martin Bros; The Family; Cal Elite; Albany City Rocks; Illinois Warriors

Key Losses: Team Texas; LA Stars; Metro Hawks

No. 22 Wisconsin Playground Warriors (Milwaukee, Wisc.) – (7-6)

Notes: The Warriors beat who they should have beaten at Kingwood and then lost to the Dallas Mustangs in the first round. Javon Campbell scored 20 in the first half against the Mustangs. Then, without star sophomore Jerry Smith and Marcus Landry, the boys from Wisconsin went 1-3 at the HP/Sabes Invitational.

Next: St. Louis Eagles Invitational (Mo.) – May 21-23

Key Wins: Tenn. Travelers; BABC

Key Losses: Gauchos; Alabama Lasers; Dallas Mustangs (twice); HP Blue; Eastsidaz

No. 24 Southern California All-Stars (Los Angeles, Calif.) – (10-4)

Notes: Marcus Johnson scored 22 in a loss to the Georgia Stars at Kingwood and sophomore Chase Budinger had 17 in a victory over the Playaz, but Pat Barrett's club couldn't get past the Meanstreets in the second round.

Next: Tournament of Champions (N.C.) – May 28-30

Key Wins: South Fla. Heat; Cal Elite; Playaz; Spiece Select 2005

Key Losses: High 5 AZ Red; Houston Hoops; Georgia Stars; Meanstreets

No. 25 The Family (Detroit, Mich.) – (2-3)

Notes: These guys were slated to play in Kingwood, but pulled out at the last minute due to injuries. The only event they've played in is Boo Williams – where Chris Douglas-Roberts scored 30 points in a pool play setback to the Georgia Stars. The Family also lost to the Alabama Lasers, 93-74, in pool play and lost to the South Carolina Ravens in the semifinals of the bronze division at Boo Williams. Douglas-Roberts & Co. posted wins against the Charlotte Royals and Georgia Elite.

Next: Nike Memorial Day Classic (New Orleans) – May 29-31

Key Wins: Georgia Elite

Key Losses: Georgia Stars; Alabama Lasers; S.C. Ravens

Others to Watch: Southeast Elite (Huntsville, Ala.); Arizona Magic Blue (Phoenix, Ariz.); Arizona Cagers (Ariz.); Arkansas Wings (Ark.); Pump ‘N Run (Chatsworth, Calif.); H-Squad (Calif.); California Elite (Calif.); Inland (Calif.); Oakland Slam ‘N Jam (Calif.); NorCal Elite (Calif.); Delaware Sharpshooters (Milford, Del.); Miami Tropics (Miami, Fla.); Team Florida (Clearwater, Fla.); Team Breakdown (Fla.); South Florida Heat (Fla.); World Wide Renegades (Ga.); Smyrna Stars (Ga.); Blessed IJN (Fort Wayne, Ind.); Martin Bros. (Waterloo, Iowa); KC Pump ‘N Run (Kan.); Louisiana Select (La.); Baltimore Select (Md.); New England Playaz (Springfield, Mass.); BABC (Boston, Mass.); Michigan Hurricanes (Mich.); Team Minnesota (Minn.); Magnolia Stars (Miss.); St. Louis Eagles (St. Louis, Mo.); N.J. All-Stars (N.J.); New Jersey Panthers (N.J.); New York Ravens (Bronx, N.Y.); Albany City Rocks (N.Y.); New Heights (New York, N.Y.); New York Panthers (New York City, N.Y.); N.C. Gaters (N.C.); All-Ohio Red (Ohio); Cleveland Basketball Club (Ohio); Portland Elite (Ore.); Philly MJC (Pa.); Athletes First (Okla.); Tennessee Travelers (Newport, Tenn.); Memphis Bulldogs (Tenn.); Mid-State Ballerz (Tenn.); Houston Elite (Houston, Texas); Houston Select (Texas); Utah Vipers (Utah); Squires (Va.); Fox Valley Skillz (Wis.); Wisconsin DTA (Wis.); Friends of Hoop (Wis.)

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