Oregon Wins Hairston Sweepstakes

One of the most eventful recruiting stories of the last decade ended on Wednesday as Malik Hairston left Detroit for Eugene and announced he'll be a Duck.

Ernie Kent, the head coach at Oregon, secured a commitment from TheInsiders.com No. 10 senior Malik Hairston on Wednesday. At a press conference, Hairston selected the Ducks over Kansas.

"Kansas has a lot to offer but my heart told me to go to Oregon," Hairston told TheInsiders.com.

When it was also said and done, the fact that after this NBA Draft the Ducks will have placed three straight perimeter players in the pros couldn't have hurt their chances with the 6-6 Detroit Renaissance standout.

"I don't think it was one thing that was more important than the other," Hairston said of the factors in his decision. "I liked the area and the coach has a great temperament. He really develops his players and he's had a lot of wings go to the league the last few years."

From an Oregon perspective, consider this: Malik Hairston doesn't turn 18 until February 23. We're talking about a skilled perimeter player who hasn't hit his stride yet. A multi-tooled, multi-positional contributor with a passion and feel for the game.

So, what would an ideal freshman season be for Hairston? "A winning season and to let everyone know that Oregon is going to come strong."

Just out of sheer curiosity, we asked the savvy Hairston who finished third. "There wasn't a third," he quickly quipped.

All that matters to the Ducks is that Oregon finished No. 1.

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