Curtis Kelly Has Top Trio

Curtis Kelly is only a sophomore, but he's already started to form a list of schools that he favors. The Rice High (N.Y.) 6-8 forward likes the ACC and one school west of the Mississippi.

It's already been and up-and-down summer for Rice High (N.Y.) 6-8 ½, 210-pound sophomore Curtis Kelly.

The rising junior big man, who was an integral part of the Gauchos dominance last spring and summer, has been alternating between playing with the 16's and 17's.

``It hasn't been frustrating at all," Kelly said. "If coaches want to come and see me play, they'll do it whether I'm playing with the 17's or not."

Kelly is an athletic shot-blocker and can potentially be one of the elite big men in the Class of 2006, but right now he needs more repetitions and more strength. He runs the floor well and finished in the paint.

Kelly said that his co-leaders are Georgia Tech and North Carolina, but Texas is another school that is right in the mix.

``I went to Austin when we were in Houston last month and I really liked the atmosphere," Kelly said.

``With North Carolina, it's about how many players that are in the NBA from the school," he added. "And Georgia Tech has great academics and a I like the atmosphere."

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