Final 2004 West Coast Rankings: Centers

The 2004 West Coast class of centers is a fairly strong group, with guys like Robert Swift, DeVon Hardin, C.J. Giles and Chris Miles heading the list...

The class of 2004 centers is a good group, with a couple of elite prospects at the top of the list. Swift will go pro out of high school and with good reason. He's got great hands and feet, to go with terrific instincts. While he's sometimes struggled with staying focused on a consistent basis, there's no denying Swift's talent and upside. Giles is another player with a great upside. He moves extremely well for his size and he's developed a very nice jump hook in the last year. He will likely have a chance to go pro before his four years are up at Kansas. Miles didn't get seen by a lot of people outside of the west, but we think BYU got themselves a very good prospect. Miles has a very good body, good feet and hands, and also has some toughness. He should eventually be one of the better players in the Mountain West conference. Hardin is a very good athlete, with an NBA body. His skills still need refining, but he should be a force as a defender and rebounder early in his career at Cal. Burgess has a big body and good skills. He needs to tone up a bit, and work on staying focused, but he's got a nice feel for the game and should be a solid player for BYU.

1) Robert Swift, 6-11 Bakersfield (Calif.) High
2) Chester Giles, 6-9, Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach
3) Chris Miles, 6-10, Provo (Utah) Timpview
4) DeVon Hardin, 6-9, Newark (Calif.) Memorial
5) David Burgess, 6-10, Irvine (Calif.) Woodbridge
6) Craig Austin, 6-9, Carlsbad (Calif.) High
7) Sam Rayburn, 6-10, Beaverton (Ore.) Sunset
8) Jason Smith, 6-9, Kersey (Col.) Platte Valley
9) Jake Schmidt, 6-8, Thermopolis (Wyo.) High
10) Zach Johnson, 6-8, Sacramento (Calif.) Natomas
11) Joe Wolfinger, 6-11, Aloha (Ore.) High
12) Chris Henry, 6-8, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
13) Ephraim Williams, 6-10, San Bernardino (Calif.) Arroyo Valley
14) Michael Boone, 7-0, Loma Linda (Calif.) High
15) Everest Schmidt, 6-7, Hoopa (Calif.) Hoopa Valley

Other Centers of Note:

Cy Vandermeer, 6-8 SR C Modesto (Calif.) Thomas Downey
Todd Follmer, 6-10, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita
Jonathan Black, 6-9, Phoenix (Ariz.) Greenway
Kurt Graeber, 6-9, Rolling Hills Estates (Calif.) Peninsula
Alan Branch, 6-6, Albuquerque (New Mexico) Cibola
Jeremiah Batdorf, 6-8, Cedro (Calif.) Foothill
Ryan McCurdy, 6-9, Gilbert (Ariz.) Highland
Brandon Knight, 6-9, Alpine (Utah) Lone Peak
Jordan White-Frisbee, 6-7, Bothell (Wash.) Inglemoor
David Burke, 6-8, Phoenix (Ariz.) Thunderbird
Thomas Herring, 6-6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont
David Lithicum, 6-10, Farmington h
Shawn Oliverson, 6-8, Preston (Idaho) High
Nathan Porter, 6-8, Mercer Island (Wash.) High
Armando Cosio, 6-9, Lake Elsinore (Calif.) Temescal Canyon
Colin Haliberg, 6-9, Portland (Ore.) LIncoln

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