T.O.C. Day Two Checklist

<b>CHAPEL HILL, N.C. –</b> Saturday was an outstanding day at the Tournament of Champions. Guys like Eric Boateng turned in big time performances and some new faces emerged onto the national scene.

2005 Checklist

Eric Boateng, C, Delaware Sharpshooters: Though they often struggled to get him the rock, when he touched it inside he showcased some sweet post moves. We can do without the numerous perimeter attempts but he's got mid-range abilities his shot just wasn't falling. He'll catch and face and clearly is a Top 10 type talent and is one of the elite shot blockers in the class. The native of London had 15 points, 8 rebounds, 6 blocks and 5 deflections. He was clutch in a big upset over the Illinois Wolves.

Bobby Frasor, G, Illinois Wolves: He came away on the losing end of the game but was the victor in a match up with Josh Thornton on the floor. Despite foul trouble, Frasor tallied 22 points and he's nearly automatic from downtown without a hand in his face. Is he a point or a two? The answer is he's just a guard. He's such a good scorer that casting him in the role of running a team might take away from his ability to focus on using his ridiculous stroke. Then again, he's got such good feel and pace to his game you like him having the ball.

Lawrence Kinnard, SF, Memphis Bulldogs: Lawrence, welcome to the Top 100. Actually, he might find himself amongst the Top 50 prospects in the land. This ultra-athletic 6-7 wing is long, has range, plays hard and even defends. Call him a sleeper if you will but how did this guy go that unnoticed out of Memphis? He was impressive ALL day long and his team is still alive in this event after drubbing the Playaz.

Tasmin Mitchell, F, New Orleans Jazz: Overall, it was an excellent day. He opened up play with a 27 point effort in pool play then helped his team grit out of a tough playoff win against H-Squad. To his credit, he never stops playing. In the finale, his shot wasn't falling so he went to the glass. He's a smart player who understands his own game and is versatile enough to move in a different direction if something isn't working.

Gerald Green, SG, Houston Elite: Talk about an offensive minded weapon, this guy can flat out score it. Now, he's a 6-8 guard with range and touch. His shot selection could stand improvement but in his defense, it was his offense that kept his team in the game against DC Assault until the Capitol boys pulled away. He had 27 points.

Reginald Delk & Richard Delk, Guards, Mid-State Ballerz: The identical twins can hoop. However, their games are different. We give the edge to Reginald overall because he beats you off the bounce but still has the passing and shooting touch his brother has. Both have excellent IQ's and the chemistry is definitely there.

Jeff Green, PF, DC Assault: He's listed as a 5th year who will be attending Hargrave (not Georgetown?) next season. Green is the near perfect blend of athleticism and power. He's tough at the rim and can move out to mid-range as well. This guy is a player.

Derwin Kitchen, G, Lee Bulls: One of the better prospects in Florida and he can really get into the paint. You have to think that with talent around him he'll excel. He's got multiple gears and can play at different speeds. He's safe in the Top 100.

Jerry-Davon Jefferson, PF, H-Squad: He's a 6-7 power forward would could one day move to the small forward slot. He's an excellent defensive player because his athleticism lets him reject shots. Offensively, he'll work his tail off around the basket and gets plenty of tips and dunks.

Byron Eaton, PG, Dallas Mustangs: This kid is one of those guys who can get to the rim. He'll go past defenders as if they aren't there. He's also got that intangible in his game that gets him to the line.

Theo Davis, PF, NJ Shore Shots: He played the best first half of ball we've seen him play in a while as he blocked shots, ran the floor and scored in the post. In the second half, he sputtered. Consistency seems to be his major issue because the talent is there.

Ricky Torres, SG, NY Ravens: The shooter turned in some fine efforts throughout the day. He's not going to be you with speed or quickness but rather with his touch and his head. He'll pump fake you and then let it rip. He's bulked up some and doesn't need to get any bigger.

What We've Heard

Everyone is raving about Greg Oden and why not? The kid is having a big time weekend and his Spiece team is slaughtering good teams. … Apparently Andray Blatche had another big morning game in a matchup against Leo Criswell and KC Pump & Run. …

From the sounds of it, Tyler Smith hit a bevy of 3s in a pool play game. … O.J. Mayo was leading the event in scoring through pool play. Credit a 40-point and 36-point game for his big time average. … Vernon Goodrich was putting in work for Blessed IJN despite arriving late to the event. …

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