12th-Ranked Johnson Talks Schools

The #12-ranked player in the 2005 class, <b>Amir Johnson</b> from Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester, sat out last season, but is now back on the circuit. He talked about recruiting this last weekend at the L.A. Invitational...

Amir Johnson, the 6-9 junior center from Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester, is getting back into the swing of playing competitively.

Johnson sat out his junior season due to a transfer eligibility issue, but he's now out on the AAU circuit playing again. He says he worked out quite a bit in the interim and does look physically a bit bigger, guessing that he was up to about 215 pounds now.

When asked about recruiting, Johnson said there are a few schools that he's interested in that are showing him interest. "Louisville, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, North Carolina and Arizona are the schools I'm thinking about," Johnson said. "I want to leave, get away from home, and I'm looking for a good environment."

He said he thought that all the schools on his list had offered him a scholarship, even though he was unsure about some, like North Carolina, since he said the offers had gone through his coaches. He did recognize Louisville's Rick Pitino and Arizona's Lute Olson when they visited Westchester during the spring evaluation period to watch him work out.

Johnson said that before really thinking seriously about recruiting he needs to think first about academics. "Before thinking about which college, I'm trying to get to college. I've raised my GPA to a 2.5 and I'm taking the SAT for the first time in June. I've been studying with a tutor and I think I'll do well."

Once he has an SAT score, Johnson pointed out, he'll then be able to consider official visits by the fall. He said he would like to visit Louisville, North Carolina and Syracuse in particular.

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