2005 Focus: George Drake

George Drake is far from a household name, but that's exactly how the Calera (Ala.) High 6-3 senior shooting guard likes it.

Unless you are from Alabama, there's a good chance you've never heard of George Drake. For good reason.

The 6-3, 200-pound Calera High (Ala.) senior shooting guard isn't an advocate of summer basketball, so he stays home and works on his game while most of his peers travel throughout the country from April to July.

Drake put up 27 points per game a year ago and, despite not getting a lot of attention because of his absence on the circuit, is getting plenty of interest from the likes of Alabama, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State.

``I really don't care for AAU basketball," Drake said. "So I just don't play it. I didn't play at all last year, either. I played after my ninth-grade year and it was OK, but I just didn't want to do it again."

Drake feels that he can get all the exposure he needs by going to the NBA Players Association Camp and the Nike All-American Camp this summer.

``They are pretty big, so I'm really not worried about the lack of exposure," added Drake, a 3.5 student who has already scored a 18 on the ACT.

Drake is a solidly-built guard whose strength is getting to the basket and being able to finish. He knows he'll have to work on his ballhandling and quickness before he gets to college.

So far Drake has yet to set up any official visits to his three leaders – Alabama, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State.

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