Gators Move On Hodge

Walter Hodge is beginning to emerge as a legit candidate to make our next Top 100 list. Right now, four schools are giving chase for the Florida Air Academy guard.

It's been a productive summer already for Florida Academy guard Walter Hodge. The 6-foot Hodge recently attended the Florida Gators individual skills camp. He came away with some big news.

"Out of 200 and something kids, Florida only offered one and that was Walter Hodge," Florida Air Academy coach Aubin Goporo said. "Jason Williams [the former Gator] came to the camp and Hodge was challenging him. He was in his face."

Right now, Florida, Arkansas, Miami and Hofstra are jockeying for position. However, the Gators have made their move with the young man from Puerto Rico.

"[Florida] showed him around and they kind of talked to him a little bit. They worked with the kids and went through the drills at camp. It felt like Hodge is a fit perfect fit for them because of their style.

"Hodge said he liked them very much but he needed something to compare them too and he wanted his dad to come and see the school. As soon as his schedule becomes a little flexible, he'll come down here and visit all the schools."

Goporo went on to say that Florida is pushing very hard for a commitment.

Hodge has been outstanding this spring, according to reports we've heard. Clearly, his stock is beginning to rise.

"Hodge is a tough, tough defender. He's in your face so to speak. He shoots the ball so well that it's not even funny. He understands the game and knows how to read screens, come off screens and shoot it and play in the open court. His form is just like they teach in the book; that's how Walter Hodge shoots the ball."

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