2005 Focus: Booker Woodfox

Booker Woodfox might not get all the attention he deserves playing on a team with higher-profile guards like Byron Eaton and Austin Jackson, but that's fine with the Lewisville High (Texas) undersized scorer.

Booker Woodfox doesn't get all the attention that might have come his way if he'd been playing on a traveling team without two more big-time guards, but that doesn't really bother the Lewisville High (Texas) senior.

The 6-1, 175-pound Woodfox, who averaged 25 points per game his junior campaign, doesn't mind deferring at times to Byron Eaton and Austin Jackson.

``I've played well this spring and when I haven't played well, my teammates have stepped up," Woodfox said. "Everybody on our team can score."

Woodfox is an undersized two-guard who can really put up points in a hurry. He's a good outside shooter and is quick enough to get to the basket and finish.

However, he'll need to work on his ballhandling and decision-making abilities before he can effectively play the point in college.

``He's going to be a little combo guard," Dallas Mustangs coach Tony Johnson said. "He'll be a good backup point guard, but his main position is a two-guard because he shoots it so well. He handles it well enough to be a backup point guard, but that's what he needs to work on – his ballhandling. He's big-time because he can shoot it."

Woodfox said that there are three leaders for his services right now: Alabama, Utah and N.C. State. Johnson said that Pepperdine, Minnesota, Indiana State and Kansas State are also involved.

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