NBA Camp: Lewis Clinch

<b>RICHMOND, Va. –</b> It's never too late for guys to emerge onto the national scene. In fact, late bloomers are welcomed. Lewis Clinch might not qualify as a late bloomer but he's coming on strong this summer.

At the NBA Camp, most guys aren't putting up huge scoring numbers. Lewis Clinch, a 6-2+ shooting guard out of Cordele (Ga.) Crisp County, is probably somewhere right in the middle of the pack in terms of scoring at the camp.

For a guy who averaged 25 points a game as a junior and has confidence in his ability to score, low numbers in a camp game affect him little. Everyone is out to get shots up and Clinch isn't about to come off as a gunner. In fact, he's shown the ability to play a little combo.

"I can bring the ball up and it wouldn't be that big of a deal."

When Clinch gets back home, he plans on visiting Georgia Tech unofficially. By the end of July, he'd like to narrow his pool of schools.

Florida, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Miami, Auburn, Furman, Clemson, FAMU and Indiana are recruiting him. The Yellow Jackets and Hurricanes have offered him.

Being a Georgia native, there's a certain amount of pride he has in the state. He'll look closely at the Bulldogs situation but staying home isn't a slam dunk. "It kind of matters," Clinch said. "My mom has been there. She's at everything I do. My mom seeing me [play] matters a lot but finding a school that fits matters too."

Clinch is going to have choices. He can score the ball, plain and simple. In fact, even though guys he's playing with or against at NBA Camp have big reps, he's not phased.

"In AAU you run into talented guys. I've squared off against Louis Williams. Every time I step onto the court I tell myself I'm the best player always. It's just about confidence."

Clinch is far from cocky (actually he's very much the opposite) but he's confident and that inner confidence is going to take him places.

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