NBA Camp: Korvotney Barber

<b>RICHMOND, Va. –</b> If you're a Donnell Harvey fan then Korvotney Barber is the guy for you. The 6-foot-7 power forward won over a ton of admirers at the NBA Camp early in the week.

After the smoke cleared and everyone weighed in, the final analysis coming out of the NBA Camp was that Korvotney Barber made a huge impression on everyone. Barber, a 6-foot-7 power forward out of Manchester (Ga.) High entered the event as our No. 74 prospect.

Looks like we've got him too low.

If your into comparisons, then Barber conjures up images of another former Peach State standout: Donnell Harvey. "People tell me that a lot," Barber said.

Each prospect in our Top 100 has a gift. Barber has been blessed with the talent of explosiveness. Around the basket he impacts the game because of his leaping ability and rise. Others will be bigger in size but his springs and explosiveness allow him to grab rebounds, cover ground on defense and act bigger than he really is.

"Most defenders think they can guard me because I'm not too big. But I'm quick." He'll get no arguments here.

Barber took the SAT two weeks ago and is awaiting the results. Meanwhile, he's pondering offers from Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Auburn and Tennessee. Arizona, Oklahoma, Miami, South Carolina and UAB.

Barber talks to the head coaches frequently from Georgia Tech, Auburn and Georgia. He's been to all three campuses.

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