Nike Camp: Andrew Bynum

<b>INDIANAPOLIS –</b> You might begin reading more about Andrew Bynum in the coming weeks. Don't think he just appeared on the scene. His emergence this week was not only predicted, but it can be easily explained.

Here's an excerpt from the April Boo Williams event in which wrote about Andrew Bynum: "The Boo was Andray Blatche's breakout event in our mind last year. The same could be happening to Bynum this season. Noted for his shyness, the 6-11 pure center is starting to understand just how good he can be. He's got great size, takes the shortest path to the rim and patiently waits for offensive players to come at him before swatting away shots. Watch him grow throughout the spring and summer."

Well folks, Andrew Bynum is growing like a weed.

He's basically been the most discussed senior at camp throughout the first two days. No one can understand how a kid this talented can fly under the radar. Let me explain.

Bynum didn't just come out of nowhere. On the contrary, the light is going on with him and we saw the signs coming. Back in April, this young man barely could get his name out and a cordial "hello" if you stopped to chat him up. On Thursday, he held an impromptu press conference for a dozen reporters. He's come a long way and it's all because of confidence.

A few months ago, Bynum described himself as shy. He was introverted, afraid to talk. He basically wanted nothing to do with reporters and felt out of his element when asked questions. Through the natural course of his recruitment, he's been able to overcome his fears.

"Talking to college coaches helped me break the fear of speaking under pressure," Bynum said. That got the ball rolling in the confidence department. Then, two weeks ago in Portland at the Nike Skills Camp, Bynum's confidence began to soar.

"When I went up against Tyler Hansbrough I saw that I could compete with these guys and that was a big confidence boost."

For a guy who didn't know how good he was in April, Bynum seems to have a better overall feel for his own game as of July 8. "I don't feel like anybody can stop me."

Here at Nike Camp, that's been the case.

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