Reebok ABCD: Ohio Kids Shine

<b>TEANECK, N.J. –</b> Don't sleep on the state of Ohio. The underclass all-star game at Reebok was dominated by three familiar names. O.J. Mayo, Bill Walker and Daequan Cook stole the show at ABCD.

Reebok ABCD Camp, Day Four

Underclassmen All-Star Game

It would only make sense, given the relative lack of depth in the senior class, that the underclassmen all-star game would steal the show at ABCD. However, few would have thought that the state of Ohio would hit the trifecta and have its three best prospects named MVP in the game.

Daequan Cook, a junior shooting guard, scored 21 points and was named the East MVP in his team's 135-132 win. Cook burned it up from the perimeter in the contest as he made 9-of-11 shots from the field. Meanwhile, two other Ohio stars and high school teammates split 41 points in the loss. Bill Walker and O.J. Mayo, two of the truly elite prospects in the game, shared MVP honors for their team.

It's time we begin referring to Mayo as the best point guard in America, regardless of class. His ballhandling and passing by themselves are elite traits. Eric Wallace, a big time sophomore from N.C. valiantly tried to impede Mayo's progress to the cup but couldn't do it and he's an elite player himself.

Walker is a ridiculous athlete who, at 6-foot-5, will play the shooting guard and will probably do it for pay one day. The strength of Reebok's camp was in its young kids and the elite players in the all-star game were Cook, Mayo, Walker, Wallace, Curtis Kelly and Keenan Ellis, but that's not to say there weren't others.

Scoring Line

EAST – Daequan Cook 21, Rob Thomas 18, Lance Thomas 17, Eric Wallace 15, Derrick Caracter 11, David Lighty 11, Dwayne Collins 11, Willie Kemp 9, Chris Singletary 8, Earl Clark 4, Johnnie Lett 3, Cory Fisher 3, Scott Reynolds 2, William Graves 2, Willie Walker 0.

WEST – Bill Walker 22, O.J. Mayo 19, Curtis Kelly 14, Keenan Ellis 10, Eugene Harvey 10, Edwin Rios 10, Marques Johnson 9, Taylor King 8, Chase Buddinger 7, Daniel Hackett 7, Damion James 7, Perry Stevenson 5, Al Graham 4, Mike Conley 0, Greg Oden (DNP, injured).

Senior All-Star Game

Gerald Green and Jeremy Pargo, co-MVPs, led their team to win as they scored 27 and 21 points, respectively. Each hit a trio of 3-pointers. Brandon Rush took home his second ABCD MVP trophy in as many years as he went for 21 in the loss. Byron Eaton scored 16 points and dropped 10 assists to share MVP honors for their team.

Scoring Line

EAST – Brandon Rush 21, Tasmin Mitchell 17, Shawn Taggart 16, Byron Eaton 16, Marcus Johnson 15, Jarvis Walker 13, Eric Devendorf 13, Leo Criswell 12, Dior Lowhorn 10, Danny Green 10, Shawne Williams 10, Charles Little 10, John Garcia 2, Sylvester Seay 2, McAlarney 0.

WEST – Gerald Green 21, Jeremy Pargo 21, Amir Johnson 17, Davon Jefferson 16, Jonathan Kale 15, Bobby Frasor 14, Monta Ellis 13, Kiwan Smith 10, Shane Clark 10, Lawrence Hill 9, Tyrell Biggs 8, Nate Minnoy 7, Jovan Adams 4, Andray Blatche 4, Courtney Fells 3.

Final Day Checklists


Monta Ellis, G: He took home MVP honors for the entire week of camp. Actually, he split the award with Danny Green, a surprise choice. Ellis was the best guard here for the week and was no slouch in the all-star game either. He's going to terrorize the SEC one day.

Jonathan Kale, PF: The future Friar really showed out in the all-star game. He scored 15 points and did it with a measure of skill that should insure future success at Providence. He's a much better prospect than we ever imagined going into camp. He's a 5th year player.

Jabari Currie, PG: If he could stroke it from deep he'd be on virtually everyone's wishlist. As it stands now, he's already being hit up at the high-major level. Currie has a slick handle, doesn't lack confidence and can get to the rim.

Adrian Thomas, SF/PF: He's undersized but you have to like and respect him. He moves around the court and can score from a number of places. Supposedly he shot it better than in the game we watched.

Kyle McAlarney, PG: He had a nice day and was rewarded with an all-star appearance. In his final camp game before the all-star finale, McAlarney shot it well, led his team in transition and looked comfortable in a setting that probably was a little out of his element. He'll thrive in a situation with more structure.

News & Notes

Kansas head coach Bill Self was watching Lance Thomas and Leo Criswell. KU is probably not a player in the Criswell sweepstakes but came to check out the young man who was having a nice camp. … Michigan State and DePaul were in the house watching Jabari Currie. … Mike Krzyzewski was on hand checking out Tyrell Biggs. … John Garcia drew head coaches from St. John's, Pittsburgh and Seton Hall. …

Cameron Lewis is heading from Stanford, Maryland, Vanderbilt, Boston College, Clemson, Richmond, Georgia, St. John's, Rice, Penn and Columbia. Fordham and St. Bonaventure have offered. … Charles Little out of Tenn., is hearing from Tennessee, Auburn, Dayton, Mississippi and Appalachian State. …

Korvotney Barber was here and didn't play but said that Auburn, Georgia and Tennessee are on him the hardest. … Tasmin Mitchell drew Tubby Smith of Kentucky and John Brady of LSU. …

Scout's Seat

Shane Clark had a better morning shooting the ball on Sunday than he did the day before. … Andray Blatche really cost himself a chance to impress the NBA brass in attendance by not playing to his strength. He's a different player when he spends most of his time inside. At ABCD, he seemed to drift too much to the perimeter. He can play out there but he's better when he begins by doing work inside. …

Once Courtney Fells gets comfortable putting the ball on the floor and attacking the basket he'll bring a completely new dimension to his game. Right now he's more perimeter than anything but he's such a gazelle-looking athlete that you know he can expand his role. … Bilal Benn, a 5th year player, was one of the better 1-on-1 guards in the camp. … Monta Ellis. He was big time again.

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