Super 64: Day One Checklist

<b>LAS VEGAS –</b> Shadow Ridge High was home to the adidas Super 64 on Thursday. After 9 games, Andray Blatche was clearly the most talented player we saw in action.

Super 64, Day One

2005 Checklist

Andray Blatche, PF, SRAP: He'll easily be our highest-rated 5th year prospect. On opening day, he was the best prospect to come through Shadow Ridge's gym. When he started crossing over guys from the wing we'd seen enough. Blatche went for 31 points and at least a dozen rebounds. When he has days like this it makes you begin to realize that his grand plan of jumping to the league is possible.

Antonio Anderson, CG, NE Playaz: In the big picture, this is a guy whose stock has increased. He's a 5th year prospect whose game is based on his size as a guard and his athleticism. He had 14 in an opening round blowout win and he's got a live body for a guard. Anderson gets into the paint when he wants. He's a legit high-major guard.

Kendric Price, PF, NE Playaz: It's been a while since we've seen him so this was our first look in a while. Price finished most of his shots inside and didn't waste too much time on the perimeter. He can play some facing the basket and that's fine as long as he continues to work inside. He had 20 points and 5 rebounds against a bad team today.

Marcus Williams, SG, Seattle Rotary: His opening round game was a 14-pointer against Gateway Basketball Club. Williams is going to be a very solid and productive college basketball player. He finds a way to contribute and chip in plus he can play multiple positions.

Mario Chalmers, PG, AK Pump ‘n Run: It's probably going to be a long event for him because he has no supporting cast. In a blowout loss, Chalmers did play well offensively, accumulating 24 points with a solid stat line. He went 7-for-16 from the field, 8-for-11 from the line and had 11 boards.

Alonzo Gee, SF/SG, Tallahassee Wildcats: With a strong throng of coaches in the house, Gee turned in a solid game. He scored 22 points on 7-for-12 from the field. Like Marcus Williams, he projects to be a very solid high-major prospect. He'll be a good four-year player on a good college team.

Abdul Herrera, C, Tallahassee Wildcats: As much as any big man in the class, Herrera struggles to find a rhythm in AAU play. He's a true center and that often times does not translate well in terms of style of play unless you're a star. He doesn't get enough touches in the fast-paced style. It's our opinion that he's one of the most under recruited players in the country as coaches show more interest in PFs than centers.

Marquez Haynes, CG, Dallas Pump Blue: His first step is extremely explosive. This combo guard out of Texas can go. He's a blend of athleticism and academics that will have savvy high-majors paying extra attention to him as the period closes. He's a steal machine with his overall speed and quickness. In terms of guys we've never seen before he made a great impression.

Darrin Avery, SG, Panthers Select: The Corinth, Miss., product can play. He tried to punch dunk on a 6-foot-10 guy and that kind of bravado combined with his athleticism is all you need to know. After one viewing we'd safely assume that he's the highest level mid-major prospect imaginable and even though he's just scratching 6-2, some bigger schools might be taking notes on him. He was the last game of the evening at Shadow Ridge and no one but Colorado State was there watching him.

Darnell Kimble, PF, GC Ballers: This New Yorker is going to MCI in the fall and he's one of the better bigs we never heard of. Now, the word is that his academics are in need of some attention. Regardless, he's a 6-8, 200+ pounder with legit post scoring skills. If it turns out that he has grades then folks are going to have to start paying attention to him.

Ricky Sanchez, SF, Puerto Rico P&R: It's not often you see a 6-10 perimeter player but that's what Sanchez is. Even though he struggled from the field going just 5-for-13 you can see the skill level in his game. He's a communicator on the court and has a passion for what he's doing. He'll have to learn to accept and play through contact but this IMG-bound senior will have the attention of some high-majors.

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