Super 64: Day Two Checklist

<b>LAS VEGAS –</b> We're still waiting for the Super 64 to yield its signature performance. We took in action at Centennial High and caught up with guys like Brandon Costner, Tasmin Mitchell and Henry Dugat.

adidas Super 64 Day Two

2005 Checklist

Brandon Costner, PF, Playaz Basketball: For a guy who didn't particularly have an efficient day from the perimeter, he sure did have a good game. Costner willed himself to the line 17 times (one of the highest numbers we've seen this summer) and converted 12 of the freebies. He's certainly turned up his play this summer and each time someone mentions his name it's in regards to a good outing.

Stefon Jackson, SG, Gym Rats: His offensive outburst was countered by a poor defensive stand by his team and they were routed by the Derrick Smith All-Stars. Jackson, a smooth mid-range shooter, wore it out from the elbows en route to 26 points. Jackson isn't afraid to get shots up and the strategy should almost be to let him try and get to the rim because he's such a good scorer off the pull from mid-range.

Henry Dugat, PG, Houston Select: With reps from Baylor and Texas looking on, Dugat started slowed; finished a little stronger but wasn't the force you might have expected him to be against a team lacking a point guard. He wound up with 15 points on just 3-for-10 from the field. He did make 6-of-8 free throws and the speed in his game was quite evident. On the college level he'll have a chance to be a good defender because he's got great recovery speed.

Nate Minnoy, F, Illinois Fire: "Beast" wasn't in the flow early and his team fell behind. To start the second half he exerted himself and helped the Fire bury Philly MJC. The stat line he posted was big time: 9-for-11 from the field, 4 rebounds and 19 points. Most of the MAC was in the stands.

Shane Clark, SF, Philly MJC: The first half was vintage Shane Clark as he drilled mid-range jumpers, recorded a handful of blocks and was active. As a result, his team raced out to a big lead. The second half was completely opposite the first. Clark went from 14 points in the first to zero in the second and got into foul trouble with 10:44 left in the game.

Derek Drews, F, Indy Elite: Maybe it's just us, but it's been a while since he's had a bad game. Some mids are balking on him because they wonder who he'll guard. Our take is that he makes plays, shoots it deep and has a hand in the outcome of games. Maybe we're wrong but he's a good mid-major basketball player.

Jermaine Bolden, PG, Baltimore Select: The 5-9 change of pace guard can play. He changes speeds well and shot it deep against the Playaz which, at his size, is exactly what he needs to do. His level of recruitment will vary depending on which programs get comfortable with his size but he's got a chance to be a nice mid-major point man.

Tasmin Mitchell, SF, New Orleans Jazz: Mitchell is used to winning big in AAU events and his team won a laugher on Friday night. Mitchell went for 10 points and 10 rebounds in the effortless win.

Vernon Goodridge, PF, Gym Rats: In front of a throng of head coaches, Goodridge had one of his least productive games of the summer. He failed to scratch in the scoring column in the first half before accumulating 11 points when the Gym Rats were down 20+ late. Now for the good news: he was a monster in blocking 6 shots and pulled down 8 rebounds. The offense will come and guys are loving him because he's a pogo stick athlete inside.

2006 Checklist

Wayne Ellington, SG, Playaz Gold: Of the big three juniors that the Playaz have, Ellington probably had the best day. He's a very smooth guard with a diverse scoring package. It's interest to note that just when it appeared that Gerald Henderson was surging this summer, Ellington has picked up play once more. It's almost as if these two stud guards are pushing one another.

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