Evan Burns Update

Evan Burns, the outstanding small forward from Los Angeles Fairfax, will likely choose between UCLA and the NBA. We caught up with Evan last week at the Pacific Shores tournament and he gave us his thoughts about the choice...

Evan Burns, 6-7 SF Los Angeles Fairfax, is a gifted and talented player who can, at times, make the game look easy. He needs to work on his ability to stay focused and involved on a more consistent basis, but there's no denying his talent. We spoke with Evan last week during the Pacific Shores tournament at Redondo Union.

First off, we asked if he was definitely set on UCLA. "Yeah, I am. I liked San Diego State initially, but it's kind of like when you go shopping for a car," Evan said. "The first one you see, it looks good and you're ready to take that one. But then UCLA came in, made their presentation, and I was sold. I knew that was where I wanted to go."

Evan has talked in the past about the possibility of going pro out of high school, so we asked for his thoughts on that subject. Evan replied, "Right now, I'm set on going to UCLA. But if the opportunity were to come, then I'd have to think about it. But I don't want any ifs. I don't want to hear if this or if that. If someone tells me that I'll definitely be going at a certain spot, then I'd probably go. I have to think about my future."

Evan didn't sign an NLI in the fall as he's still got some work to do academically. "I took the SAT in October," Evan said. "And I'm going to take it again on Saturday."

One other option for Evan, should he fail to qualify for UCLA, and decide not to put his name in the draft, would be to go to school as a Prop 48. In that event, sources tell us that San Diego St. could resurface as an option.

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