Sam Warren Emerging as Major Big

The 6-9 post from Denver (Col.) Cherry Creek, <b>Sam Warren</b>, has gotten bigger -- and better -- and college coaches across the country are noticing. He has four offers and more making contact...

Sam Warren, the 6-9 senior center from Denver (Col.) Cherry Creek, is one of the most improved players in the west coast class of 2005.

In the last year, he's gone from about 6-8 and 200 to 6-9ish and 225, at least. And just as importantly, it's evident that his light has turned on. He always had a good body and potential because of his athleticism, but he now seems like he gets it, being active on both ends of the court, rebounding and blocking shots as well as finishing strongly on the offensive side.

Warren said he's had some schools that have been on him a while, and others that are jumping on the bandwagon. "I have offers from Pepperdine, San Diego, Clemson and Penn State," Warren said. "But recently I've heard from SMU, Virginia, Georgia Tech, UCLA and some others."

Warren said he absolutely doesn't have a favorite and everybody is even. "With how it's all happening, I'm willing to listen to anybody. I want to wait a while and see who recruits me," Warren said.

Did he want to play at the highest level? "Yeah, I guess," he said. "What's probably more important is the location, if I'm comfortable there. I don't like really hot weather. But I still wouldn't want any school from the desert or something not to recruit me because of that. I mean, I don't want to rule them out. They must have air conditioning, right? I'll just be happy to go to any college."

He didn't have a favorite school growing up because he didn't follow college basketball. "I played soccer and didn't even really pay attention to basketball. I was a midfielder, and then I got really tall. But I was still quick."

Warren, who has been home-schooled, said he has a 3.2 GPA and scored a 800 on the SAT. "I'm going to take it again, though, and do a lot better," he said.

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