Best of Summer: Day Four

Dane Suttle, Isaiah Jenkins, Taylor Harrison, Scott Stockwell, Joe Harden and Kevin Galloway make an impression at the Best of Summer...

With the majority of West Coast teams eliminated from the Best of Summer, this will be our last day of coverage on the event. Here's a look at the players who caught our attention yesterday at the tournament.

Isaiah Jenkins, 6-2 SO PG/SG Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester. Jenkins is a somewhat unique prospect. He looks like he could end up a big, strong guard who could play either PG or SG. He's thicker than your typical PG, and not especially quick, but he's got a pretty strong handle and a nice shot. He also has a very good presence on the court. He plays with a little more of an edge than most young SoCal kids. He still has some baby fat but, when he tones up, he should be a tough, physical guard who causes problems for defenders. A potential high major prospect.

Dane Suttle, 6-3 SO SG Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester. Suttle played with Jenkins on the Westchester JV team this past year and we would assume they dominated kids at that level. Suttle is silky-smooth, with a very reliable shot. He's improved his ability to create his own shot off the dribble. He's got good length and should fill out nicely. As he gets stronger, he should be a prolific scorer. A potential high major prospect.

Taylor Harrison, 6-8 JR C San Clemente (Calif.) High. Harrison may be our favorite player to watch among the current SoCal prospects. He's like a human pinball, bouncing off guys all over the court and providing a physical presence that's unique. He plays with great energy and he's becoming a fairly adept shot-blocker. Offensive game still needs work, but it's coming. He will likely be a high major prospect.

Joe Harden, 6-5 JR SG/SF Stockton (Calif.) St. Mary's. A good-looking kid with a solid frame, Harden has an excellent feel for the game. You only need to see him play for a few minutes to realize that he's a player. He'll snap a pass, or jump in the passing lane, and it's obvious that he knows how to play. He's in constant motion, at both ends of the court. He's tough, active and heady. Nice looking stroke from the little we saw of it. Certainly a good mid major prospect and quite possibly higher.

Kevin Galloway, 6-5 JR SF Sacramento (Calif.) High. Galloway has a great body – long and well-put-together. He handles very well for his size and he gets to the rim frequently. We didn't see him shoot outside of ten feet, but he gets your attention with his body and athleticism. A potential high major prospect.

Scott Stockwell, 6-1 SR SG Post Falls (Ida.) High. Stockwell played for one of our favorite teams in the tournament, the Eastern Washington Elite Red team. Like all the kids on this team, Stockwell knows how to play the game. He's a very good shooter, with a quick stroke. A good prospect at the low major level.

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