Road Trip: Williams Flirts With Perfection

WAKE FOREST, N.C. – On Tuesday night, Wake Forest Rolesville center Eric Williams flirted with perfection. He didn't miss a field goal until the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. Williams' team staved off a comeback attempt from Northern Durham and Roy Bright.

Williams Flirts With Perfection

The final leg of the Road Trip concluded with a 66-59 Wake Forest-Rolesville win over Northern Durham. In the win, Rolesville's 6-9, 280 pound center Eric Williams scored 38 points. Williams shot a near-perfect 18-for-19 from the field and was a "human" 2-for-6 from the line.

Basically, it went down like this. Roy Bright, Northern's 6-4 sophomore standout, was his team's tallest player and that was a problem. Northern used him to front and double-team Williams to no avail. Williams was able to catch the ball wherever he wanted and bull his way to the basket with great success. Playing against a smaller bunch of kids, Williams did exactly what was asked of him. He scored nearly every time he caught the basketball. At least half of his hoops were dunks.

Williams is a commodity. Few players, though it's actually a quite simple formula, are as efficient as he. Williams catches, doesn't hesitate and makes his move. He rarely uses more than one bounce to get where he needs to go. The kid is going to be a terrific college player.

Bright did everything in his power to guard Williams but that task was just too daunting. In reality, he had no business guarding Williams, but he was Northern's lone option to try and slow the big fella down. Offensively, Rolesville had its issues with Bright.

The sophomore small forward hit the Cougars up for 28 points and went 12-for-23 from the line. He corralled 8 rebounds, four of them offensive. He was aggressive on the glass was his usual athletic self.

Northern made a late push, but didn't get much offense from sophomore shooting guard Darrius Blanding who was handcuffed by a 3-for-10 evening and didn't get a shot off in the first quarter. He finished with 7 points but went 1-for-6 from deep and that's his strength.


Williams did not start the game because he missed a shoot around. He missed most of the first quarter and would have easily gone for 40 points had he not sat. … Williams' mother said her sister used to give Eric $3 for every dunk had converted. That's not the case anymore. "I never used to pay for lunch money," she said. Had the deal been kept, she would have owed at least $27 on Tuesday night alone. … The big fella continues to drop weight and looks even better than he did in the summer. For the last few weeks, we've been hearing how he's made considerable strides and the rumors proved correct. …

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