Four In The Mix With Green

Danny Green, the MVP of the Reebok ABCD Camp, pretty much has his list. At this point, according to his father, it's now about setting up the visits.

It was a productive summer for 6-foot-4 shooting guard Danny Green of the New York Panthers. After taking home camp MVP honors at Reebok, Green set his sights on Las Vegas where his team it's traditionally deep run at the Big Time.

All the while, Green was being chased around by some heavy hitters in the recruiting world. According to his father, Danny Green, Sr., things are a little hectic.

"We're trying to narrow it down right now," Green Sr. said. "We've got it down to three or four schools that we'll look at. He said he wants to take a visit to Miami and he wants to visit Pitt and North Carolina and he still likes St. John's."

As it stands right now, it doesn't look like UNC has put the full court press on him just yet, so that's a situation to watch in the coming weeks.

Thus far, no dates have been set up. Pittsburgh is thinking the weekend it plays Nebraska in football would be a nice time to head to campus, but again, there is not a firm official date set up. The Panthers also told the Green Family that they would like to do a home visit on the first day of the period.

The elder Green elaborated on the factors of his son's decision:

"Of course the academics are important but he wants to make sure as far as on the court, the campus life and what are his opportunities once he gets there. He doesn't have to be a starter but he has to have the opportunity to play. Also, the alumni. We ask questions a lot about that. When he graduates we want to know the job opportunities out of college. Tradition doesn't hurt either."

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