Prince Getting Recruited Like A King

J.P. Prince has always been a Top 50 player in our eyes; it just took him a little longer to get recruited like one. Now, he's got his pick of the litter from around the country but you better be straight with him because he can't be fooled.

Anyone who calls the Prince Household knows the deal: kid is very smart, dad is too because he was once the one making the calls. Prince's father used to be on staff at Memphis and for that reason, you can't tell these guys anything but the cold hard truth.

"You really can't B.S. me," J.P. Prince, a 6-foot-6 point guard out of Memphis White Station said. "[My dad] recruited people for 20 years. The people that call my house, he knows them. If you deal with me you have to be straight up because we'll find out regardless. He tells me where I shouldn't go to school but he won't tell me where I should go to school."

Right now, father and son like the following schools: Florida, Arizona, North Carolina State, Memphis and Vanderbilt. Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi State are trying to nose their way into the picture. Everyone wants a visit but there aren't enough spots. Memphis doesn't need a visit because in Prince's words, "I can walk over there from school."

Prince said that you can pencil in Florida, Arizona, NC State and Vanderbilt for officials. That leaves places like OU, Texas and Mississippi State (he can drive there unofficially) trying to position themselves for the last slot.

At one point in the summer, Prince was talking about the Wolfpack as his leader but right now, he's more cautious about letting on who is in the best shape.

With Prince, it doesn't matter who you if you can't find room for him to play as a freshman. "I think the single most important factor is coming and being given the chance to make an impact right away," Prince said. "Whatever place I go to I want to show my skills right away. People have to trust me to hand me the ball."

And for those schools that might not be thinking of using him at the point? "If you're not recruiting me as a point guard then we can't talk."

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