2005 Top 100

It should come as no great surprise that Louis Williams, the outstanding guard from Georgia, topples our current Top 100 list. Williams put together an impressive resume combined with an exceptional skill set as he gradually ascended his way to No. 1.

However, the next 30 slots are open for serious discussion. One of the most difficult juggling acts possible is trying to balance who is a guy is now with what he can be in the future. In the end, when you've done all the requisite homework, watched these guys play as many times as you can, what's left is a Top 100 prospect ranking.

In the last few years, we've had a hard time figuring out what to do with 5th year players. The traditionalist's view, which we hold in high regard, says you should only be allowed to rank a prospect once. For example, we had Andray Blatche in the Top 20 last year.

This season, we've gone ahead and included 5th year players in our Top 100. Why? Well, we found it confusing to some readers who wondered why certain players weren't on our lists. Also, some wondered how to adequately compare all of the kids that will enter college together. This year, or at least with this list, we've taken all of the players available to attend college in the fall of 2005 and slapped them together in the Top 100.

A lot of time, analysis and observation goes into making a list of this nature. Over the course of the next 8 months, players will move up and down the list. Some will fall off it; others will come out of nowhere to join it. Regardless, we hope you enjoy this edition of Top 100.

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